Feature Column: Nunn's Theater Habit


05/12/2024 - Gods and Monsters comes to life at Theater Wit
Gods and Monsters deserves a longer life

05/12/2024 - Steppenwolf Theatre Company celebrates 48 years with an annual gala
Steppenwolf howls at the moon for new funds

05/08/2024 - Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes plans to rule on the big screen
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes monkeys around with the running time

05/05/2024 - Blue bites off more than it can chew with Women Beware Women
Beware of Women Beware Women

05/02/2024 - The Fall Guy drops down for a dry landing
The Fall Guy doesn’t soar like it should

04/21/2024 - Eddie Izzard battens down the hatches at Navy Pier for Hamlet
Hamlet comes to life for modern audiences thanks to Eddie Izzard

04/19/2024 - Abigail bites into more than it can chew
Abigail sucks the life out of the horror genre

04/14/2024 - A Year with Frog & Toad leaps back into Chicago
Hop over to see A Year with Frog & Toad today

04/13/2024 - Challengers wins the match on the big screen
Challengers serves up a character study

04/07/2024 - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is alive and kicking in Chicago
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead or alive?

04/04/2024 - Monkey Man climbs high with culture and combat
Swing into the theater for Monkey Man while you can

04/04/2024 - The First Omen takes a sacred step in the right direction
The First Omen is better than the last Omen

04/02/2024 - Leave all judgments outside the Dairy Queen for an Inanimate tale
Inanimate takes the ice cream cake store to new heights

03/28/2024 - Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire staggers onto the big screen
The New Empire grows old

03/28/2024 - Jesus Jones rises again right before Easter
Rock band Jesus Jones saves SPACE’s sins

03/25/2024 - Asian Pop-Up Cinema studies After School
Pop in to the theater to experience Asian Pop-Up Cinema

03/25/2024 - Discover your Purpose at Steppenwolf Theatre Company
Purpose premieres at Steppenwold Theatre Company

03/23/2024 - The Brightest Thing in the World shines at The Den
About Face Theatre company dives into addiction

03/22/2024 - Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire slips on the ice
Ghostbuster: Frozen Empire is bust

03/21/2024 - Olivia Rodrigo sings her Guts out in Chicago
Girl power took over the United Center on March 20 and 21

03/16/2024 - Love Lies Bleeding leaves a lasting impression
Performances in Love Lies Bleeding outshines the wounds

03/01/2024 - Mrs. Doubtfire smolders when it should sizzle
Mrs. Doubtfire is not a sure-fire success as a musical

02/22/2024 - Drive-Away Dolls revs up on representation
Drive-Away Dolls takes spectators on a thrill ride

02/21/2024 - Dune: Part Two plants seeds for more sci-fi to grow
Dune: Part Two will quench your sci-fi thirst

02/15/2024 - Girl From the North Country goes south
Girl From the North Country takes a wrong turn

02/11/2024 - Lisa Frankenstein bites into more than it can chew
Lisa Frankenstein feels dead and hollow on the inside

02/06/2024 - The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy wins first place for diversity
Fly at warp speed to the Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy

01/26/2024 - Champion swings into Lyric Opera of Chicago
Backstage interviews with the cast and crew of Champion

01/23/2024 - Big Gay Cabaret presents The Broads’ Way
What’s in store for Ginger Minj and Gidget Galore

01/11/2024 - Mean Girls still has lessons to learn
Mean Girls misses the mark on the musical

12/21/2023 - Saltburn sizzles on Prime Video
Interviewing two stars from Saltburn

12/20/2023 - The Iron Claw pins down some strong performances
The Iron Claw prepares to takedown the competition this season

12/19/2023 - STEPMOM showed Susan Sarandon's spirit
“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” for STEPMOM to climb

12/19/2023 - Top 20 unforgettable LGBTQ+ films found in 2023
Looking back at 2023 in LGBTQ+ themed cinema

12/17/2023 - Matt Rogers rocks out in a white frock at The Vic
Comedian Matt Rogers has the Chicago crowd begging for more

12/13/2023 - Aqua brings a Barbie world to the House of Blues
Aqua blasts in from the past

12/07/2023 - Boop! The Musical bows and wows before Broadway
Boop blooms at the CIBC

12/03/2023 - The Golden Girls set out to save Xmas
Hop in a sleigh with a Golden Girl today

11/30/2023 - The Wiz blows into the Windy City before Broadway
The Wiz is a twister in terms of talent

11/14/2023 - The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes sings out of tune
Spectators should go on a Hunger strike

11/12/2023 - The cat is out of the bag for The Marvels
Watch out for cat scratch fever in The Marvels

11/12/2023 - It’s showtime in Chicago for a musical version of Beetlejuice
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle…

11/04/2023 - Showtime series Fellow Travelers speaks volumes about queer history
Fellow Travelers takes viewers on a queer trip back in time

11/03/2023 - Priscilla is a picture perfect lesson in patience
I can’t help falling in love with A24

10/31/2023 - Facility Theatre's Right Now gives hope for the future
There’s a newly remodeled Facility in the Windy City

10/21/2023 - Singer Raye and sis Absolutely presented an unforgettable concert at The Vic
The vocal range of Raye must be experienced live

10/21/2023 - A tale from two Pedros tells the story of a Strange Way of Life
Strange Way of Life lives on as a short film

10/12/2023 - Wolves bite at the hand that feeds
Redtwist Theatre’s Wolves spills the blood

10/12/2023 - The Exorcist: Believer's fans spin out of control
Who to believe with The Exorcist: Believer

10/06/2023 - The Marvelous Mrs. Maren Morris puts her money where her mouth is
Maren Morris sells out Joe’s on Weed St.

09/14/2023 - Cassandro wrestles to the top while pinning down Prime Video
The magic is in the makeup for Cassandro

08/30/2023 - Free online screening for Prime Video's Sitting in Bars With Cake
Shake and bake for Sitting in Bars With Cake

08/26/2023 - Blue Beetle busts out at the box office
Blue Beetle has a heart of gold

08/11/2023 - Perry’s Stage was lit at Lollapalooza
Electronic dance music mesmerized the crowd at Perry’s Stage

07/25/2023 - Red, White & Royal Blue has a screening for you
Free passes to Red, White & Royal Blue screening

07/22/2023 - Theater Camp doesn’t pack up enough laughs
Theater Camp needs more camp and less theatrics

07/20/2023 - Oppenheimer explodes on the big screen
Atomic acting stops Oppenheimer from becoming a box office bomb

07/19/2023 - Barbie busts out of the box this summer
Barbie won’t be boxed in for her first live action movie

07/09/2023 - From A to Z with Peter Greenaway and Cher shares a new director’s cut
It’s Cher’s World and we are just sharing it

07/08/2023 - Cast and creatives come out for The Crusades
Crusading on the red carpet in Chicago

07/07/2023 - Joy Ride revs up with important representation
Take a trip with the hilarious new movie Joy Ride

06/29/2023 - The Who’s Tommy gives audiences just what they need
The Who’s Tommy premiered in Chicago with much fanfare

06/22/2023 - The Lookingglass Luncheon Show with Stephen Colbert takes the cake
Lookingglass Theatre Company launched a lively luncheon

06/22/2023 - Nimona morphs into being the perfect movie for Pride month
A shapeshifter slips into the mainstream world of cartoons

06/14/2023 - Nothing will stop The Flash
The Flash speeds into theaters this June

06/07/2023 - Transformers: Rise of the Beasts chews up new scenery
These Beasts transform the franchise into something new

06/06/2023 - Actor James Jude Courtney cuts into Emagine Batavia's Halloween screening
Courtney cuts into a ribbon ceremony at Emagine Batavia

05/24/2023 - Singer Darren Criss gives the Goodman Gala a “Teenage Dream”
Goodman Theatre returns with the organization’s annual gala

05/14/2023 - Where there’s a Will there’s a way with Gender Play
Gender Play, or what you Will moves into The Den

05/13/2023 - Book Club: The Next Chapter turns a new page
Take a trip to Italy with Book Club: The Next Chapter

05/07/2023 - About My Father screens in Chicago with a family affair
Sebastian Maniscalco celebrates family with About My Father project

05/01/2023 - Cinema Femme Short Film Festival features a rainbow of talent
Cinema Femme Magazine presents Cinema Femme Short Film Festival in Chi

04/28/2023 - Gunn aims to end the Guardians of the Galaxy with volume three
Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t hit the way it should in part three

04/22/2023 - Darren Hayes savagely sang Homosexual songs in Chicago
Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes comes out strong on tour

04/20/2023 - Evil Dead Rise sinks viewers into a blood bath
Buckle up, Evil Dead Rise is a rollercoaster of a ride

04/18/2023 - Comedian Jerrod Carmichael’s workshop doesn’t work
Jerrod Carmichael has a lot of homework to do

04/12/2023 - Nicolas Cage sinks his teeth into Renfield
The new flick Renfield doesn’t suck

04/02/2023 - My Kind of Country attempts to fix an age-old problem
Cooking up a southern fried Apple Original series

04/02/2023 - Buckle up for Beef on Netflix
Revenge is served on Netflix's Beef series

03/18/2023 - Lightning doesn’t strike twice for Shazam!
Shazam! Fury of the Gods cracks under the pressure

03/18/2023 - Keanu Reeves is back for more with John Wick: Chapter 4
Leaving The High Table is harder than ever before in Chapter: 4

03/08/2023 - Scream VI takes a stab at Women’s History Month on the big screen
The Scream queens celebrate Women’s History Month in part six

02/20/2023 - Run from the nun in Villette
Kang conquers at Lookingglass Theatre

02/20/2023 - It’s brunch time in the garden of Eden
Find your gluttony temptation at Eden

02/19/2023 - Jessica Chastain flies into Chicago for a fast “White Lightnin’” appearance
George & Tammy series screens at Kerasotes Showplace Icon

02/14/2023 - Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania takes audiences on a little trip
Some may find themselves lost in the Quantum Realm with this Ant-Man

02/12/2023 - Life’s a drag for Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo
Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo flew north for the winter

02/09/2023 - Magic Mike’s Last Dance takes a final bow
Hallelujah, it’s raining men in Magic Mike’s Last Dance

02/05/2023 - Natasha Lyonne shows her true Poker Face
New Peacock series Poker Face gambles on a detective show

02/01/2023 - Knock at the Cabin opens the door to gay representation
M. Night Shyamalan takes audiences on a scary vacation

02/01/2023 - HBO The Last of Us strikes a chord with gay audiences
Why The Last of Us is a first for many of us

01/28/2023 - The Old Man needs some new blood for season two
Jeff Bridges gives a seasoned performance in The Old Man

01/28/2023 - The English speaks to western fans on Amazon
Emily Blunt bites into a western tale with The English

01/27/2023 - Remember the Alamo Drafthouse is now open for business
Alamo Drafthouse expands into Chicago Wrigleyville area

01/25/2023 - American Gigolo doesn’t hook audiences like it should
Showtime television series American Gigolo needs more of a payoff

01/25/2023 - Paramount’s Yellowstone still has some growing to do
Paramount Network’s Yellowstone is finally showing LGBTQ+ representat

01/24/2023 - AMC’s Interview with a Vampire bites into a bit of Rice
Give Interview with a Vampire a new view

01/21/2023 - Long Live The Golden Gals
The Golden Gals Live! hits Mercury Theater Chicago

01/08/2023 - Abbott Elementary earns an A+
ABC teaches funny lessons with Abbott Elementary

01/08/2023 - Black Bird soars on Apple+
Black Bird flies as a shocking true story

01/07/2023 - RuPaul's Drag Race turns 15 in 2023
RuPaul's Drag continues to enthrall audiences at age 15

12/28/2022 - My Old School teaches the public a lesson in adult education
Alan Cumming lip-synchs for his life in My

12/28/2022 - The Last Movie Stars finishes first in the documentary series race
Six part documentary series spotlights two cinematic legends

12/26/2022 - NEON shines with All the Beauty and the Bloodshed documentary
Artist Nan Goldin's contributions are celebrated with a documentary

12/25/2022 - Fire of Love is a slow burn with warm rewards
A love story with a fiery backdrop debuts on Disney+

12/25/2022 - "Sr." chronicles the Downey's cinematic legacy
Robert Downey Sr. and Jr. have strong chemistry in "Sr."

12/22/2022 - I Wanna Dance with Somebody highlights the LGBTQ+ aspects of Whitney Houston
Naomi Ackie captures moments in time of Houston's life

12/20/2022 - Good Night Oppy takes viewers on a trip to Mars
Spirit and Opportunity find a home on Mars

12/20/2022 - Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story gives viewers something to chew on
The cast and creators of Dahmer show the man behind the monster

12/18/2022 - The Dropout picks up an intriguing story to tell
Hulu highlights Holmes in The Dropout

12/18/2022 - Nunn's Theater Habit presents Top 10 movies of 2022
Counting down a Nunn's top movies of 2022

12/17/2022 - Three wise queens make the season bright across America
RuPaul Drag Racers speed into remote parts of the country

12/16/2022 - Welcome to Chippendales dances across Hulu this holiday season
Hulu strips off some important material in Welcome to Chippendales

12/15/2022 - Moonage Daydream gives the “Space Oddity” the respect he deserves
There's a Starman on the big screen

12/10/2022 - The Jinkx & DeLa Holiday Show prances into Chicago
Jinkx Monsoon and BenDeLaCreme prove it takes two

12/10/2022 - Jingle Ball rolls into Rosemont once again for the holidays
Jingle Ball lineup teams up seasoned performers with newcomers in 2022

11/29/2022 - Michael Ausiello's memoir comes to life with Spoiler Alert
Spoiler Alert gives away the ending right at the beginning

11/25/2022 - Steven Spielberg shows his softer side with The Fabelmans
Screen some well made fables with The Fabelmans

11/23/2022 - Ralphie returns to life in A Christmas Story Christmas
A Christmas Story sequel hits HBO Max

11/18/2022 - The Steadfast Tin Soldier stands tall above the holiday competition
Hans Christian Andersen's 1838 story has legs in 2022

11/08/2022 - Black Panther's legacy lives Forever in Wakanda
Traveling to Wakanda and beneath the sea for Black Panther

11/07/2022 - The Cleanup washes away a few stereotypes
New show called The Cleanup is reviewed at the Athenaeum Center

11/04/2022 - The Twenty-Sided Tavern team rolls the dice at Broadway Playhouse
There's at least 20 sides to every story at this Tavern

10/25/2022 - The Chicago International Film Festival attracts stars to the Windy City
The 58th Chicago International Film Festival red carpet coverage

10/22/2022 - The Good Nurse treats people to a true story
Netflix shoots for awards with The Good Nurse

10/20/2022 - Black Adam arrives like greased lightnin'
Dwayne Johnson bolts into theaters

10/20/2022 - Harry Styles speeds up his acting career in My Policeman
My Policeman gives a rookie named Harry Styles a chance

10/16/2022 - House of Blues Chicago is hit with a Suckerpunch
Younger singer Chloe Moriondo

10/14/2022 - Halloween Ends for Michael Myers and the gang
The final conclusion to the horror franchise Halloween

10/11/2022 - Upsahl keeps fans up at night with "Melatonin"
Singer Upsahl visits Subterranean for one special concert

10/08/2022 - Hulu raises Hell this Halloween
Hellraiser returns to life thanks to Hulu

09/24/2022 - Luminaire lights up the big top
Life is a Cabaret ZaZou

09/08/2022 - Barbarian breaks into theaters everywhere
New review for horror film Barbarian

08/26/2022 - Bros rolls into Chicago
A new movie popup for Bros takes over two spots in Chicago

08/21/2022 - WHIM opens with drinks and drag
A classic theater space gets a whimsical makeover

08/18/2022 - She-Hulk: Attorney at Law should be arrested
She-Hulk smashes in all the wrong ways

08/13/2022 - RuPaul Drag Racers werq it in Gary, Indiana
Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana ruled with queens

08/11/2022 - Bodies Bodies Bodies parties until the break of dawn
A talented cast make Bodies Bodies Bodies weather the storm

07/27/2022 - It's up, up and away for the DC League of Super-Pets
Super-Pets play a whole new ball game in 2022

07/22/2022 - Let's have a Keke about Nope
Jordan Peele's new project Nope is reviewed

07/17/2022 - Luis Carreon brings La Bestia to Chicago Magic Lounge
Magician Luis Carreon debuts a new show in Andersonville

07/13/2022 - Where the Crawdads Sing requires some fine tuning
Crawdads movie needs a little more surf than turf

07/09/2022 - A Queer Eye opening parody parades into Second City
Netflix's Queer Eye gets a musical parody

07/05/2022 - It's hammer time for Thor: Love and Thunder
Lucky number three Thor movie storms into theaters

06/28/2022 - Hurricane Diane blows into the Windy City
Theater Wit opens breezy new show

06/22/2022 - Indulging in The Rhapsody Theater
Lucy Darling: Indulgence show debuts at Rhapsody

06/19/2022 - Elvis Presley shakes it up at movie theaters this summer
Baz Luhrmann does the Elvis movie his own way

06/14/2022 - Ms. Marvel breaks another glass ceiling
Ms. Marvel prepares for The Marvels

06/10/2022 - Jurassic World: Dominion finally finishes the franchise
It's the final countdown for Jurassic World

06/08/2022 - A Bridgerton Experience blurs fantasy into reality
The Queen's Ball: A Bridgerton Experience ends on June 19

06/07/2022 - Skates slides into the Studebaker Theater
Skates has a clumsy opening night

05/21/2022 - Stranger Things Store totally maxes out with memorabilia
Netflix pop up sports some rad merchandise

05/21/2022 - What's the tea, Lookingglass Alice?
Lookingglass Theatre Company returns with a classic

05/08/2022 - Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man gives good advice
Straight Women get more than just the tip

05/05/2022 - Lights lights up the House of Blues
Singer Lights is all grown up now

05/03/2022 - Doctor Strange 2 casts a spell in theaters on May 6
America gets it right with the Multiverse

04/30/2022 - Singing a carol of praises for Carol Burnett
Carol Burnett show sells out at The Chicago Theatre

04/23/2022 - Moulin Rouge! The Musical kicks off the North American Tour in Chicago
A piece of Paris finally arrives in Chicago

04/13/2022 - Little Six is in the mix at CIBC Theatre
Lose your mind, just not your head at SIX

04/11/2022 - Otherworld Theatre Company teleports Doug Jones into its show
Otherworld returns from an out of this world experience

04/08/2022 - Out British singer Calum Scott captivates at The Vic Theatre
The Script turns a page at The Vic Theatre

04/03/2022 - Out singer FLETCHER captivates fans at House of Blues
Singer FLETCHER scales a building at House of Blues

03/29/2022 - Moon Knight shows a darker side of Disney+
Oscar Isaac swings into a new Moon Knight role

03/27/2022 - "Girls" come out for girl in red
Metro sells out two nights for girl in red

03/23/2022 - Clairo sings and slings her way into Chicago
Two out singers celebrate music at The Riviera Theatre

03/22/2022 - Good Night, Oscar rises to shine at Goodman Theatre
Goodman Theatre says, "good morning" to Good Night, Oscar

03/20/2022 - Fly into La Cage aux Folles at the North Shore
Take a trip to see La Cage at the North Shore Center

03/07/2022 - Take a trip to heaven with Hadestown
Leave it to Levi to take home the crown

03/01/2022 - The Batman swoops into movie theaters March 4
The Batman applies a fresh take to the caped crusader

02/21/2022 - Cyrano searches for a voice in song
Cyrano de Bergerac gets a new musical treatment

02/14/2022 - Porchlight shines a spotlight on Blues in the Night
Porchlight Music Theatre brings the Blues

02/13/2022 - Ballet Folklórico de Mexico de Amalia Hernandez celebra 70 años
Viva Mexico at Auditorium Theatre

02/12/2022 - Teatro ZinZanni dives into dinner, drag and divas
Teatro ZinZanni gets a revamp for 2022

02/11/2022 - North of the 10 screens in the South Loop
Five friends from the South Side of Chicago take a journey together

02/10/2022 - TimeLine Theatre Company releases Relentless
Don't miss TimeLine's mesmerizing new production

02/08/2022 - Hurray for Sons of Hollywood
A tale as old as time comes to the Windy City Playhouse

02/07/2022 - Queen of the Night sees the light of day
New queer play opens at Victory Gardens Theater

01/22/2022 - Kacey Musgraves unveils a massive concert in Chicago
Star-Crossed: Unveiled Tour stops at United Center

01/20/2022 - Fall head over heels for this magic act
Kayla Drescher presents Magic in Heels

12/07/2021 - Nicole Kidman has a Ball in Being the Ricardos
Aaron Sorkin provides a fresh new take to biographical films

12/05/2021 - Christmas Dearest camps out at Ebenezer Lutheran Church Auditorium
Hell in a Handbag bring Christmas Dearest back to life

12/05/2021 - When Harry Met Rehab hits home
Harry Teinowitz reveals his past in a new play

12/04/2021 - Winter in the Wildwood transports audiences to a new world
Otherworld Theatre transforms the space at 3914 N. Clark Street

11/17/2021 - Ghostbusters: Afterlife breathes new life into the franchise
Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters: Afterlife!

11/07/2021 - Lenny Bruce is brought back to life at Venus Cabaret Theater
The return of the Bruce finally arrives

10/30/2021 - The Second City makes a rough Decision
The 45th review hits the e.t.c. stage

10/22/2021 - Nick Diffatte makes magic at the Lounge in Andersonville
Comedy and tricks combine to make beautiful magic together

10/21/2021 - Dune shines on the big screen with an out of this world cast
New Dune movie blows into theater this October

10/21/2021 - A Recipe for Disaster crashes into Windy City Playhouse
Reviewing A Recipe for Disaster on opening night

09/30/2021 - Venom comes out of the closet
Tom Hardy and the gang return for another round of Venom

09/14/2021 - The Eyes have it
The Eyes of Tammy Fayes paints a one of a kind story

09/03/2021 - It's a Cin
C is for Cinderella, Camila Cabello and Candyman!

08/24/2021 - The things we never tell each other is told through music
The Things I Could Never Tell Steven opens at PrideArts

08/21/2021 - Blue men return to Briar Street with a rainbow of new tricks
The Blue Man Group reopens in Lakeview

08/11/2021 - The Magic Parlour reappears out of thin air
The Magic Parlour opens up after a break

08/04/2021 - The Suicide Squad lives to fight another day
The Suicide Squad stands out from the pack of other DC movies

07/28/2021 - The cast of The Class comes out in support of a good cause
Meeting the cast of new film project The Class on the red carpet

06/23/2021 - We need more heroes like Ric Weiland
A review of Yes I Am - The Ric Weiland Story

06/16/2021 - Rita Moreno goes for it in new documentary
The legacy of Rita Moreno is finally given justice

06/04/2021 - Frida Kahlo remains Timeless
Head to Glen Ellyn for a new Friday Kahlo exhibit

06/02/2021 - In the Heights hits new highs
The movie finally moves into the Washington Heights neighborhood

05/21/2021 - Michelangelo makes a new mark in Oakbrook
Exploring the new Michelangelo experience

05/16/2021 - P!nk: All I Know So Far shows us more colors to the singer
P!nk tastes the rainbow in new documentary

05/13/2021 - Join Us for In the Heights
Sign up for a special In the Heights screening

05/06/2021 - The Boy from Medellin Grows Up
Reggaeton artist J Balvin opens up about anxiety in new documentary

05/01/2021 - Varones visits Fantasy Nightclub this May
Fantasy Nightclub hosts a new play called Varones

02/21/2021 - Nuns4Fun Plays Bingo at Home This Easter
Mrs. Mary Margaret O'Brien explains it all to you this Easter

02/14/2021 - The Life Ahead Leads the List of 2020 Movies
Top best and worst films of 2020 are listed

02/01/2021 - France comes out with a new film 'Two of Us'
A secret love has sudden consequences

01/28/2021 - Supernova shines like a star
New gay movie is brought to life by straight allies

12/23/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984 Goes for the Gold
Fans cry for more after Wonder Woman 1984

12/13/2020 - Gay Chorus Deep South Pulls at the Heartstrings
New documentary Gay Chorus Deep South will make you sing and cry

12/12/2020 - Wonder Woman Fights for Our Rights This December
Wonder Woman 1984 debuts on Christmas Day

12/06/2020 - Let 'Er Rip
Hell in a Handbag handles the holidays

12/05/2020 - Need a Date to The Prom?
The Prom promotes release with special screening just for our readers

10/21/2020 - What's the Tea?
Mad Hatter's Gin and Tea Party

10/11/2020 - Chicago International Film Festival Turns 56 in 2020
Don't miss the Out-Look section of the Chicago International Film Fest

06/28/2020 - Home with the Handbag
Even The Golden Girls are forced into a lockdown!

03/24/2020 - Concerts before Corona
Concerts remain uncertain in wake of Coronavirus

03/19/2020 - No More Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist
New Pride Films and Plays show is reviewed

03/19/2020 - Movies Move Out of Theaters
Streaming is even more of thing these days

02/09/2020 - Boys, Birds and Berlize
Gay gangs and girl gangs rule the roost this week

01/29/2020 - Ghosts and Gods Entertain Audiences
Three shows create magic in Chicago

01/11/2020 - Mercy, Makeup and Mer-Monsters, Oh My!
Three movies released Jan. 10 are reviewed

01/01/2020 - Don't Be a Mean Girl and Head to Hoots
Dinner and show are reviewed

12/20/2019 - The Good, the Bad and The Rise of Skywalker
Holiday movies have big highs and lows this season

11/23/2019 - Entertaining the older crowd this holiday season
Looking at entertainment full of nostalgia

11/23/2019 - Entertaining the younger crowd this holiday season
This holiday season has entertainment for the child in you

11/10/2019 - Chicago International Film Festival Turned 55
Winners and quotes from the red carpet of the film festival

10/30/2019 - It's Wintertime for Hitler
Jojo Rabbit hops into movie theaters this season

09/02/2019 - Lips Lands in Chicago
Lips finally leaps into Chicago

07/14/2019 - Lions, Trombones and Go-Go's, oh my!
Broadway musicals are explored around town

06/30/2019 - Comics and Cartoons Aren't Just for Kids Anymore
Toy Story 4 and Spider-Man: Far From Home crash into theaters

06/07/2019 - Inspirational and creative theater blooms in June
There's some strong and powerful theater out there, folks!

06/06/2019 - Dark Phoenix flies and Pets are unleashed
Some new movies opening this weekend might bring you back to childhood

05/09/2019 - May Madness Moves into the Movies
Movie madness springs up in May

04/09/2019 - Concerts That Rocked, Rolled and Strolled
Some recent concerts in Illinois are reviewed

04/04/2019 - Is It Halloween or Spring?
Recent movies veer into the macabre

03/28/2019 - Movie Musical Mayhem Makes Its Way to Chicago

03/08/2019 - Captain Marvel finally flies
Captain Marvel takes a while to get off the ground

02/23/2019 - Lego stacks up against the competition
Three movies to check out over Oscar weekend

02/19/2019 - Dear Golden Girls Celebrate Love
Three shows bring a variety of theater offerings in Chicago

02/15/2019 - No Small Scares for a Woman in Black
Run to the theater before these shows close!

01/15/2019 - Wrenching Out the Comedy
Two Chicago comedy acts are reviewed

12/20/2018 - Superheroes, Zombies and JLo Blow Up the Big Screen
A new feature on December movies to watch or watch out for

10/25/2018 - Haunted Theater Flies Into Chicago
Halloween theater might ghost you so buy your tickets today

09/14/2018 - A Sweet Favor Spices Things Up
Music, movies and magic are all available in Chicago

09/03/2018 - Immerse Yourself in Theater
Southern Gothic and Broadway in the Park excite audiences

07/29/2018 - Summer movies heat up in July
Ant-Man earns big numbers and Cher returns to movie screens everywhere

07/06/2018 - Wonderful Women Take On New Theater Shows
Sister are doing it for themselves in Chicago theater

05/27/2018 - Memorial Day Movies
Memorial Day weekend box office returns

05/13/2018 - Lions, Penguins, and LaBelle, Oh My!
Lots of wildlife in the theater this week

04/27/2018 - 'Avengers: Infinity War' flies into theaters this weekend

04/14/2018 - Chicago Latino Film Festival Turns 34
For the 34th year the CLFF entertains

04/11/2018 - Quiet in the Theater: Three films worth seeing

04/10/2018 - Reviewed: The Gentleman Caller and L'imitation of Life

03/16/2018 - Chicago entertainment heats up with magic, Jackson and volcanos

03/10/2018 - Time Is Up: Save yourself some time and skip Oprah's new flick
Time was not on my side

02/23/2018 - Life Is a Cabaret in Puerto Vallarta
There's more to life than the beach in Puerto Vallarta

01/27/2018 - CMX Treats Guests to VIP Service
Movie theaters continue to grow and evolve

01/19/2018 - TimeLine Theatre Brings Out Boy
TimeLine Theatre boasts a new play called Boy

12/27/2017 - Pitch Perfect 3 a little off-key
While Pitch Perfect 3 hits some sour notes, there are more to see

12/10/2017 - Hang Outs for the Holidays
Celebrate Christmas in Chicago

11/18/2017 - No Justice for the League
The year of the superhero movies crash lands

10/05/2017 - A Bewildering Arrangement of Theater
Check out local theater with LGBT content from different time periods

09/16/2017 - Mother misses the mark at Landmark
Landmark Theatre continues to bring thought invoking cinema

08/28/2017 - Don't miss Trevor the musical

07/21/2017 - Wall Crawling With Spider-Man
Spider-Man: Homecoming leaps right into the action

07/13/2017 - Something Rotten! Doesn't Stink
Hir today and Something Rotten! tomorrow

07/02/2017 - Chicago's summer theatre heats up

06/30/2017 - New summer film 'Baby Driver' crashes into theaters
New summer film hits the pedal to the metal

06/15/2017 - 'The Book of Henry' is too good to put down

05/28/2017 - Baywatch rescues the summer fun
Baywatch is more than just watchable

05/10/2017 - Snatched is the perfect Mother's Day movie

05/01/2017 - From Aladdin to a Threesome, four great shows running in Chicago

04/09/2017 - Odysseo Opens Under the Big Top
Horsing around at Soldier Field

03/15/2017 - 'Sycamore' finds its roots at the Raven
Raven Theatre Company presents a thoughtful new show