A Quiet Place Day One bites into the Big Apple

Thu. June 27, 2024 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

A Quiet Place slithers silently back into theaters at the end of June and Day One is a prequel to the 2018 original hit movie. Sightless space creatures have invaded New York and sound sets them off to silence any inhabitants that stand in their way.

Lupita Nyong'o plays Samira and carries the movie on her shoulders. Luckily she loves her service cat named Frodo who assists with the heavy lifting while offering distraction from the dire situation.

Frodo has nine lives and a keen sense of smell to help with hunting down Samira no matter where she roams in the big city.

We see the ravaged city and surmounting obstacles through Samira's eyes and Nyong'o humanizes the story while keeping it grounded. Samira is living on borrowed time as her world is turned upside down. She keeps her eye on the prize and propels the story forward.

The creatives purposefully pay homage to Broadway and theaters being a safe space for many as a trip to see a puppet show goes awry. There are marionettes and odes to mimes sprinkled into the plot displaying Day One has its heart in the right place.

Setting the story within the confines of a city that never sleeps is a wise decision to wind up the tension more. Snoring and gasping at nightmares could end a New Yorker's life quickly and that's just part of anxiety adding to this spinoff. Unexpected pop-out scares will have ticket holders guessing what will happen next and keep them on the edge of their seats.

Once again the atmosphere of cinemas returns to A Quiet Place and filmgoers should unwrap their candies before the lights go down. Coughing, sneezing and munching on popcorn can be downright disturbing at public screenings in this setting. These immersive films have had past patrons waiting for a pin to drop in the past and Day One is no different.

Little homework is required to catch up with this third endeavor and this installment could be watched first by new viewers if desired. This project doesn't overstay its welcome and the storyline is depicted concisely.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Michael Sarnoski should be congratulated as he has a big hand in the success and execution of Day One. He co-wrote the story, penned the screenplay and deftly directed it.

Pig was an impressive feature film debut for Sarnoski and A Quiet Place adds to his work while being completely different.

The cat is officially out of the bag and Day One is now unleashed on the world with more endeavors on the horizon. A video game designed around the story titled A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead is set for release this year and a final film of the franchise is planned for 2025.

Shhh, A Quiet Place Day One debuts in theaters on June 28, 2024.