No Small Scares for a Woman in Black

Fri. February 15, 2019 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

There are several shows that are about to close this coming weekend, or very soon, so run out before it's too late. Wintertime is prime time to stay in the theater and really soak up some rich stories.

Only using two actors, an invisible dog, and a woman dressed in black, this hit show at the Royal George Theatre will make you jump. The Woman in Black tells the tale of the haunting of Eel Marsh House told through two men rehearsing a play.

Bradley Armacost and Adam Wesley Brown both do a nice job in a story that drags a bit at the beginning then rustles up some genuine scares by the end. The concept of a horror play should be explored more in the Chicago market. Visit for tickets before Feb. 17 when the spirit plans to leave the building.

About Face Theatre continues to take on subjects that many companies avoid. With Dada Woof Papa Hot, Keira Fromm directs a story about gay couples parenting and the challenges they face in the process. The story already feels a bit dated, but the performances by the cast are good. The material needs some reworking to make it more engaging for an audience in a production that covers a lot of territory.

Head to the Theater Wit before this ensemble moves on to new stories involving the LGBT world. Tickets can be found at or by calling 773-975-8150 for Feb. 16.

Take a drive out of the city to Berwyn for Small Jokes About Monsters at the 16th Street Theater, 6429 16th Street. Smartly written by Steven Strafford and directed by an actor that can relate to other actors Krsitina Valada-Viars, this title says it all as three brothers deal with their father's funeral and family secrets. The casting process decided that who can do the role is more important than a cookie cutter cast that looks the part. This could be the wave of the future and might leave the archaic ways of making a show behind. Monsters was extended after originally being planned to close this weekend to Febr. 23. Visit for tickets and directions today.