Darren Hayes savagely sang Homosexual songs in Chicago

Sat. April 22, 2023 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Many are familiar with the pop duo Savage Garden made up of Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones formed in Brisbane, Queensland in the early '90s. While the group is no longer together, Hayes has continued his musical journey as an artist with some strong material 25 years later.

He took his act on the road to headline the Do You Remember? Tour after the release of his first solo album in 10 years titled Homosexual. The now out-of-the-closet singer was more open than ever while reclaiming the word sometimes used as a slur.

On April 20, 2023, the Chicago stop had the metal set crammed into the stage's proscenium in the iconic House of Blues on Dearborn Street. The venue provided seating on the floor level instead of the standing-room general admission tickets usually seen in the space.

Hayes curated the night's festivities from the jump and began with a Pete Shelley cover of “Homosapien” then drifted into the Savage Garden catalog of “Affirmation” and “The Animal Song.” Long curtains draped a runway of stairs that he climbed around on and was accompanied by just the right amount of choreography to enhance his vocal stylings.

It was “Smalltown Boy” that inspired a singalong from the crowd and directly after completing the emotional song the talented singer spoke candidly on the microphone about abuse from his father. His mother gave him permission in the past to talk publicly about how she had been beaten on her wedding night. He supported his mom's decision to divorce the man eventually and she in turn grew closer to her son after discovering Hayes is gay.

He joked about his boyfriend taking him to church sexually and how he brought his lover home to meet his wife one time. This led to the track “I Don't Know You Anymore” fittingly enough. There were many LGBTQ+ fans around the room who had possibly walked in the same shoes as Hayes has before and could identify with his stories.

At the earlier meet and greet, there were hometown Australian supporters who had seen him numerous times in the past and continue to follow his work, even across the country. It turns out Hayes feels the same way about Madonna and sang a few of her tunes in addition to his regular setlist while being bathed in a purple haze.

His vocals were in tip-top shape at 50 years old and he managed to hit some challenging high notes in a lengthy setlist. Hayes split the show into two acts with a slight costume change of a red leather jacket midway through. The man barely took a break before ending the encore with several classic Savage Garden tunes.

He presented a concert for every age that honored his past and the future. He was flanked by dancers and a two-piece band that displayed his clear vision for the tour.

Head over to for a chance at tickets to see him on the road. Hayes is a Homosexual that we can all be proud of as Pride season approaches!