The Magic Parlour reappears out of thin air

Wed. August 11, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Third generation magician Dennis Watkins has dedicated his life to his art. That lifelong experience and training has paid off with a seasoned act that only continues to get better over the years.

Watkins has refined his magic show over the years, some of his tricks have been paired down from some of the more theatrical ones of the past. This works well as many people simply crave an enjoyable night on the town during a current, crazy state of the world. Forget your cares and be happy seems to the be the motto and he spares no expense in the iconic venue of the Palmer House. Preshow drinks are offered at every performance only adding to the festivities of the experience.

Volunteers from the audience are necessary and while some may face apprehension about this, Watkins always makes the crowd feel comfortable and doesn't go for cheap laughs at an audience member's expense, like some lazy performers do. He keeps things moving throughout the latest show and while it is recommended for ages older than 12, some younger ticket holders might still feel quite engaged by his quick and impressive tricks.

His suitcase reminded me of my own as a kid, where I would store my little bag of magic tricks and perform for neighbors in a garage theater. Watkins is currently living my childhood dreams every day and obviously loves doing it!

It is important to read up on pandemic protocols before arriving for your reservation at Wear your mask and arrive 15 minutes before showtime at 17 East Monroe Street. Head directly to Potter's Burger Bar, where the magic man will escort you to the show room. Add on the up close and personal encore package to your ticket as it is well worth it for select shows. Limited to 12 guests, participants will see a shell game, more card tricks and much more, plus there will be opportunities to ask the talented man himself questions about himself and his well crafted show in The Encore Room. His past stories about his grandfather are extremely heartwarming and pay homage to a very long, impressive family legacy.

Watkins has definitely found his place in the world and hopefully his children continue on with the family tradition for many generations to come!