Dune shines on the big screen with an out of this world cast

Thu. October 21, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The latest big-screen adaptation of Frank Herbert's 1965 novel Dune hits theaters and HBO Max on October 22. Some may compare this version directed by filmmaker Denis Villeneuve to the previous 1984 attempt by David Lynch. The earlier film was a completely different adaptation and this current work stands on its own merits.

It is not a spoiler for audiences to know that this is part one of a multiple movie endeavor by the director who brought filmgoers Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival. In 2021, Dune mixes together a sprawling story with powerful actors and a talented crew to make it a success.

Dune tells the story of a son of a Duke named Paul Atreides who follows his destiny to lead an army against a galactic emperor. Dune is set on the desert planet of Arrakis. This film covers the first half of the book and runs for over two and a half hours. Dune is a little dry as far as humor, but the visuals are nothing short of spectacular and please seek out an IMAX theater if possible to view it on, as opposed to the small screen.

The cast is incredibly strong and keeps things grounded with powerful performances. The source material is not easy, but Timothee Chalamet and the gang make things palatable for old and new fans.

It's certainly a hair show as other leads such as Oscar Isaac and Jason Mamoa have their lovely, long locks blowing in the sandy desert breeze for all to see. A feast for the eyeballs is what can expect and if you love a man in a uniform this is the flick for you.

There are easy comparisons to the Star Wars franchise in this arid, outer space environment, but Dune is its own sci-fi adventure thanks to creative vehicles, breathtaking sets and unique costumes. Much of Villeneuve's crew followed him over from Blade Runner 2049 to Dune and it paid off. This Warner Bros. feature will surely be up for visual awards next season. Game of Thrones language creator David Peterson adds to the experience by making the original dialogue in the script.

This Dune translates the book onto the screen fairly well, but some new viewers may struggle a bit and need an oasis at times. The original plan was to shoot this two-parter back to back, but logistics got in the way. Zendaya is planned to take over as protagonist in the sequel, so hopefully, eager audiences won't have to wait too long to see that set in motion. Capitalizing on the popularity of Dune overseas will be key to making this undertaking a success.

In the meantime a spinoff series Dune: The Sisterhood is set to tide people over as a prequel with Villeneuve directing the first episode.

Until then, seeing Dune on a massive big screen will certainly leave longtime fans thirsty for more!