Is It Halloween or Spring?

Thu. April 4, 2019 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The weather and recent movie landscape feel more like fall than spring in Chicago with several horror films in the current lineup.

Director Jordan Peele had a knock out hit by early releasing Get Out in 2017. The popularity of it carried over for months and garnered an Oscar nomination in the process.

His follow up Us has already grossed over $180 million worldwide and willl do incredibly well on video because it demands repeat viewing thanks to a well thought out plot.

The Wilson family goes on vacation and things go awry when another family shows up at their beach house. The story revs up and doesn't slow down until the end.

It feels like every tiny little thing in each frame is intentional by Peele, from items yanked from his childhood to a funhouse that's no fun at all. Past horror movies are paid homage to like The Shining and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Lupita Nyong'o depicts an unforgettable character that is simply riveting from the jump and overall it's important racially for people to see more diversity represented on the big screen. Now where's my big gay horror movie?

Disney's Dumbo comes flying back into theaters the same month, this time as a live action adventure. The tale has been expanded to almost two hours with Tim Burton as the director. It's very dark at times with his signature style and is not the same innocent story of Dumbo from 1941.

Once again Burton makes things visiually interesting with flat characters that go nowhere. He has a strong cast like Danny DeVito and then gives him little to do. It's disappointing that a much loved story of an elephant facing bullies never seems to take flight for long.

More animals stampede into the cinema and this cat is taking no prisoners. Pet Sematary is the Stephen King classic that can't stay dead after many years. The book debuted in 1983 and had the creepy author showing death in the family shown in an inventive way.

A movie adaption followed the book in 1989 with a really stinky sequel afterwards. Now in 2019, Pet Sematary rises again with some startling pop out scares and new reimaginings. The creators this time out were a bit stuck in the ground with making a film that is true to the original story but entertaining for a long time fans with fresh surprises.

When the story takes a sharp turn into unexpected territory there's simply no going back. Stay away from the trailer as it gives away some of the surprises and just enjoy the scary ride.

John Lithgow stands out as neighbor Jud Crandall and the cat is scene stealer. Much like Us this thriller creates an atmosphere of dread and frightening moments in a early movie season that should warm up soon. Avengers assemble!