The Lookingglass Luncheon Show with Stephen Colbert takes the cake

Thu. June 22, 2023 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Stephen Colbert brought just the right amount of humor to Lookingglass Theatre Company's fundraiser on June 16, 2023. The benefit event took place on the 17th floor of 167 North Green Street in the West Loop. The Lookingglass Lunch Show with Stephen Colbert celebrated 35 years of productions this year with longtime friends in the spacious room.

Ana Belaval from WGN Morning News kicked off the live portion of the program with a few welcome remarks and announcements. She brought The Late Show host to the stage and he reminisced about his first experiences with the Lookingglass troupe and living in the Ukrainian Village area of Chicago. As part of his regular warm-up to his live tapings, he involves the audience by opening the floor to questions.

Turning the tables on the talk show host I asked, “What has been your favorite all-time guest so far?” He responded humorously with, “Why David Schwimmer of course!” Who happened to be sitting right in front of him eating lunch.

He went on to say that truthfully that Neil deGrasse Tyson, the astrophysicist and author, was a memorable interview and he also enjoyed political commentator Rachel Maddow. He stated that messing with actor Robert De Niro was fun because the icon “hates doing interviews and doesn't respond well.”

After the audience question and answer section a panel of the artists involved in both previous and current productions of Lookingglass all sat down with Colbert to discuss the theater company.

Ensemble member and resident teaching artist Louise Lamson spoke on the educational side of the esteemed organization and artistic associate Matthew C. Yee talked about writing Lucy and Charlie's Honeymoon now playing at the theater space at 821 North Michigan Avenue.

Founding ensemble member Schwimmer displayed the team effort from the creatives over the years by saying, “When you work on a Lookingglass play there is an energy in the room to leave your ego outside the door and make it a collective act that is bigger than yourself.”

He expressed that the audience takes home a gift every time they see a production produced by the company.

Sponsors were thanked such as ComEd and Bayless Family Foundation then Colbert put his money where his mouth was by pledging $50,000 to the Lookingglass institution from future funds from his ice cream flavor Colbert AmeriCone Dream.

A live auction where attendees raised their hands to donate money to the organization followed with Colbert eventually ending the festivities by creating a dance party in the corner of the venue with a live DJ.

Lucy and Charlie's Honeymoon runs away with the bride until July 16, 2023. Tickets and more information can be found at