My Old School teaches the public a lesson in adult education

Wed. December 28, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

My Old School is a bizarre true story told in a unique documentary format about a person named Brian MacKinnon who changes his identity to Brandon Lee. He returns to his past school Bearsden Academy in Glasgow, Scotland to pursue a medical degree disguised as a teenager at 32 years old.

There are many twists and turns, so the less one knows about what will eventually transpire the better for the watcher. The animation and cartoon characters are in stark contrast to what happens in real life.

The director of the film is Jono McLeon, a former classmate of the subject and since McKinnon did not wish to appear on camera Alan Cumming lip-synchs for his life over an audio track.

It is creepy and unnerving the way Cumming portrays the character by only using facial expressions. McKinnon usually projects a blank face that aids him in being a chameleon.

The story develops swiftly and is laid out with plenty of surprises for both the subjects and observers. His former classmates reminisce while conveying key points to the storyline.

My Old School will remind audiences of movies such as Never Been Kissed and may appear as a yarn about being socially awkward. It is revealed to be something much more sinister and conniving. Public scrutiny has been the only real punishment for McKinnon's deceiving of those around him and brings up the question is that enough?

There are some missing pieces in the telling of this troubling tale, which can be frustrating for those who enjoy clear-cut answers or storybook endings. Some questions will remain unanswered until a possible series or feature film can be developed. Until then home viewers have this entertaining and fascinating story to watch.

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