Big Gay Cabaret presents The Broads’ Way

Tue. January 23, 2024 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The Broads' Way has arrived at the Venus Cabaret and the show is Wicked-ly funny. RuPaul Drag Racer Ginger Minj with Gidget Galore has now extended their run together through February 4, 2024, with good reason. Fruit Wine Productions has crafted an enjoyable endeavor full of classic musical tunes and spot-on campy humor for these sisters who are not just doing it for themselves.

These Floridian friends take ticket holders on a journey down the Great White Way with parodies of songs that many will find familiar. Both cast members are given time to shine onstage solo and together while often involving the seated spectators around them.

From the start, the well-written jokes and puns work because this duo dives into being divas. Many drag queens lean into the mean, but instead of insulting the crowd, these two poke fun at each other. For example, Ginger has many accomplishments after capitalizing on her illustrious reality television career ranging from movies to writing a cookbook. Gidget hasn't had the same level of success and this is addressed without being abusive. It is all in the delivery and Galore goes on to scene steal often. Her red-haired orphan Annie must be seen in person, so give us more Galore and "sing out, Louise!"

Along The Broads' Way many stories are told and high notes are hit. There are several singalong moments from iconic musicals including The Sound of Music just steps from the Music Box Theatre where it was an annual event.

Watch out Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival, these queens are coming for you with marionettes in hand!

This talented twosome can really sing and that is another reason their renditions work so well. They also know how to engage and play off of an audience, which is a gift all in itself. Volunteers can test their knowledge during a game segment to win a spot on stage as a performing participant.

In the end, there's a razzle-dazzle showstopper for Chicago fans to finish with a bang. They don't wear out their welcome with a running time of just over an hour.

The Mercury Theater, 3745 North Southport Avenue, houses this concise cabaret act in an intimate space that works well for the project. Multiple, large, modern televisions mounted on the brick wall allow for video vignettes to be displayed adding to the comic relief. Having a bar far away from the stage permits attendees the opportunity to order drinks without disrupting the performers with no intermission.

One piece of advice is to stay off your phones as the Minj will summon up the spirit of Patti LuPone and call out distracted guests!

The 20 years of friendship have paid off for Ginger Minj and Gidget Galore who are a million-dollar duet. Prices start at only $40 though, so go ahead and add on a meet and greet to chat with them after the curtain call.

The Broads' Way is worth every penny so book your plans today at

Look for future Provincetown programming in the coming months at this venue with more RuPaul Drag queens, a Queer Eye guy and a Mean Girl.