MaXXXine is a bloody good time for Mia Goth and Ti West

Fri. July 5, 2024 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

MaXXXine is grody to the max in the third film of a collaboration between a director and his muse. Mia Goth rose to the occasion after the first horror film X became a cult classic with widespread critical acclaim.

X was filmed in New Zealand where the pandemic shut it down for a bit which gave screenwriter Ti West time to write a prequel titled Pearl. This was filmed back to back with X then MaXXXine was released a few years later.

This allowed his latest endeavor room to grow plus the budget and stars to reach heights that the predecessors could not have done at the time.

Filmmaker Ti West displays that he's not only a longtime horror movie fan but uses the genre creatively. His son is named Max possibly making this A24 project even more personable to the talented man.

He's obsessed with Goth and in Pearl, she was allowed to run wild with one of the most drawn-out monologues of recent memory.

This time Goth is reined in more and shows she is a star in a flick about making it big in Hollywood. MaXXXine has much more to say though such as victims defending themselves, slut shaming and how women were treated in Tinseltown during the '80s.

Maxine Minx is a role that many would kill to play and this Goth girl is not one to mess with. Coming from the world of porn she is moving into the mainstream with a scary movie called The Puritan II. This tale is set in Hollywood and uses the real-life story of the Night Stalker as a backdrop. The storyline blends truth with fiction to pump up the volume and tension.

It's a treat to see experienced actors such as Kevin Bacon and Giancarlo Esposito devour the material and singer Halsey does an ample job with her cameo.

Serving as a producer on the project as well, Goth has proved she was up to the task and has garnered new fans from around the world with this trio of films in a short time. This leaves the door open to see what she will do next and just like MaXXXine the world is now her oyster. West has confirmed he's working on a fourth installment to this franchise so X might never really die. Just like Carol Burnett sings in MaXXXine, “There's No Business Like Show Business!”

There is a rash of horror movies currently being released after the strike pushed many back from 2023. MaXXXine is not one of them and July 5, 2024, was always slated time for her debut. In a year full of fright flicks this one will have to fight to stay on top.