P!nk: All I Know So Far shows us more colors to the singer

Sun. May 16, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

P!nk: All I Know So Far gets the party started right away as the new Amazon Prime documentary opens with the performer coming out swinging. Hanging from a chandelier, the punk popstar is depicted touring the globe while giving us a behind the scenes account of her life along the way. 

Things slow down as her family is shown disembarking a plane and celebrating at a hotel to relax after work. The bulk of the movie is really about this personal side to P!nk as Alecia Moore, husband Carey Hart, her at the time eight year old daughter Willow and two year old Jameson dealing with a massive tour that ends at Wimbley Stadium. 

Directed by Michael Gracey, P!nk: All I Know So Far gives diehard fans exactly what they want and need, while bringing in some possible new ones in the process. From Jewish guilt to asthma challenges, the artist opens up and nothing much seems to be off limits. She treats the tour as a family vacation and even offers to allow young Willow off the ride if she likes to go to summer camp. The kids are obviously very well adjusted thanks to such strong, open minded parents, who aren't afraid to have fun while guiding their kids through life. 

She goes deep about her own parents and their influence while showing intimate photos of herself when she was just a lil' P!nk.  

Who is her therapist? Sign me up, as P!nk has avoided many of the pitfalls of fame and fortune during a long career. She seems truly grateful as she prays with her team and confesses about not having to worry about money. When I was traveling in Germany, the hotel where I stayed also had P!nk as a past guest. The manager told me that P!nk cooked the entire staff turkey in the kitchen on the property for Thanksgiving that year. Moore's good deeds are shown onscreen as she reads a letter from a closeted lesbian fan. There won't be a dry eye in the house after streaming that scene!

In this simple way she addresses her many LGBT fans, and their loyalty over the years, without pandering.

We learn throughout this journey to Wembley that the singer is harder on herself than anyone else will be after each show. Make no mistake, this is a woman in charge of her concerts and the development that comes along with it. She balances home life and work life so well that now everyone will think they can do it after watching this doc! 

While it may look fun to swing in the air like a Cirque show, P!nk was training as a gymnast at a very young age and it has paid off well for her. I've covered her concerts several times and they are outstanding thanks to acrobatics and strong vocals. Live music has been sorely missed during a long pandemic for many and P!nk has the cure with a new tour in the works. "I am not going to miss a beautiful day because the day before hurt," she says and those have been words to live by in recent times. 

Until she returns to Chicago, we have a moment in time that plays more like a scrapbook to her private homelife than a typical concert film. There could have been more humor added in as Moore is very clever and quick witted. Be sure and watch the final credits to get a glimpse of more of that. 

Swing over to on Friday, May 21 for more on P!nk and her colorful life so far.

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