'The Book of Henry' is too good to put down

Thu. June 15, 2017 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Summer movies are starting to make a big splash at the theaters this month. Starting in June with Wonder Woman, studio execs picked the picked perfect picture for Pride month. Gal Gadot and the gang showed the world not to mess with girl power. We had been waiting for the her to pull us out from under and she did it without an invisible jet.

Then along came The Mummy to slow things down. The movie was banking on Tom Cruise's charm to wrap things up tight, unfortunately it wasn't enough. For me the story crash landed when Cruise was miraculously still alive after falling for certain death. It lost all believability at that point and Russell Crowe couldn't save it.

Sofia Boutella is gorgeous though so hopefully we see a good drag version of her walk down Halsted this October complete with double pupil contacts please!

Scarlett Johansson who I loved interviewing last year was more fun on the red carpet in person than in Rough Night. The story of a bachelorette celebrationg in Miami gone wrong is just not Hangover funny. The title described my evening after watching this stinker.

I hoped Cars 3 being in 3-D would cheer me up but that one ran out of gas quickly. It started with an adorable short called Lou that reminded me of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree. The problem with the main movie is it drags and is just not funny. At least our Pride parade grand marshal is a voice for it with Lea DeLaria.

Just when audiences may tire of overblown blockbuster movies along came The Book of Henry to save the day. This is the second of child prodigy movies to come out recently with Gifted being the first. This one is superior because of better storytelling and writing. Without giving too much away this Book is worth reading to see a charming story unfold. Naomi Watts really is outstanding along with the two boys who play her sons. The boys have worked together with Watts on previous individual films in St. Vincent and Shut In. Some may remember the next door neighbor played by Maddie Ziegler from the Sia music videos. Comedian Sarah Silverman has a nice dramatic turn as well. Head to Henry to have a good summer cry today and make a rainbow with those tears.