The Old Man needs some new blood for season two

Sat. January 28, 2023 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

FX has pumped out several strong series over the past few years and The Old Man is no exception in 2022. Based on a novel of the same name by Thomas Perry, Jeff Bridges stars as Dan Chase, a CIA agent who is living off the grid. John Lithgow portrays FBI assistant director Harold Harper who is determined to hunt down Chase with the help of his protege Angela Adams played by Alia Shawkat.

Incredibly strong performances come from the supporting players of Lithgow and Shawkat. They battle it out verbally in several scenes that are not only quite memorable but display why they were cast.

The scene where Adams snaps at someone because of a misophonia flare-up resonated with me as I suffer from the same disorder as the character. It is not important to the arc of the story but adds another nuance to the complicated daughter of Chase.

Dynamically choreographed fight scenes, some old dogs with new tricks and traveling around the world are all part of the experience of watching The Old Man over the course of seven episodes.

It is Bridges who rules the roost though. This 73-year-old award-winning actor is a force of nature in a tailor-made role where he simply shines. The man even battled cancer during the filming of the show and won.

I was able to see him accept his recent Critics Choice Lifetime Achievement Award in person at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel and the moment was historic. Bridges and Lithgow were both nominated for Golden Globes as well for The Old Man.

The Old Man is renewed for a second season but could use some new blood or something to recharge its battery. The ending to the first season was abrupt and unsatisfying. This season eventually turns into a setup for more seasons to come and should keep audiences guessing as to what will happen. There were enough twists and turns in season one to turn a person's hair gray!

Stay tuned to for upcoming news on The Old Man season two.