A Sweet Favor Spices Things Up

Fri. September 14, 2018 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

American Express treated Ariana Grande fans to a special show in Chicago in an intimate setting at The Vic Theatre recently. The Sweetener Sessions were only performed at three major cities and was the first chance for many people to hear her new music live.

The adorable singer came out in a baggy sweat shirt and sat on a stool on the stage. She joked and laughed the whole time while asking the audience what they wanted to hear. Her vocal range was front and center. Her mom, Joan Grande appeared at one point in the set telling her daughter that the album hit number one on the charts.

Grande closed the special evening with an a capella version of some of her past hits.

While that night was magic, there was more on the way. Communion: An Evening of Magic began at The Den Theatre playing now through Sept. 22. The captivating Brett Schneider held the theater in the round's attention the entire night.

Some people might be sceptical of the typical magic show, but this one had many original mind bending tricks. The audience was involved before it even began and were asked to put a question on a piece of paper. This was used later in the show.

I won't spoil things by telling you what happens, but get this man on America's Got Talent immediately! His stories and sleight of hand antics are not to be missed. Visit for tickets before he disappears out of town.

Speaking of spoliers, anyone that gives away plot points to the new movie A Simple Favor deserves to be shot!

Usually Anna Kendrick is good in everything she does, but Blake Lively was the one to watch. The fashion, the beauty and the clever dialogue were all delivered in this mystery.

Henry Golding is quickly making a name for himself after Crazy Rich Asians and Jean Smart has an interesting cameo and who doesn't love Andrew Rannells after Book of Mormon?

Toss back a martini with your best girl pal and buckle up for a simply wild ride!