Moon Knight shows a darker side of Disney+

Tue. March 29, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Superhero Moon Knight battles mental health along with some serious enemies in the new Disney+ series debuting March 30. It's been a long journey for the fictional character to come to life on the small screen after first appearing in a 1975 comic book.

Some have described Moon Knight as a Batman ripoff, but the creators and storytellers have gone to great lengths over the years to move him away from that comparison.

This hero has dissociative identity disorder and that makes for unlimited potential for future plotlines. It is no wonder that actor Oscar Isaac would snatch up the role to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this project. He has the opportunity to try out different accents and mannerisms while exploring the various personalities of his secret identity on six episodes.

Isaac's interpretation of Steve Grant as a bumbling gift shop employee is fun to watch and does the heavy lifting during the first episodes before switching into a caped crusader. The pace is right on track and the acting is top-notch thanks to all involved including Ethan Hawk, who continues to mesmerize in any part he plays.

This is the sixth endeavor in the Marvel Studios produced phase four series for Disney+ and thankfully it leans into the action as well as character development such as the previous release of Hawkeye did. Indiana Jones fans will dig the Egyptian history and archeological places that Moon Knight travels to while on his various adventures.

Gear up for a new dark Knight in town that brings a cinematic quality to televisions around the world. This is a fun ride that will have comic book fans looking forward to the upcoming Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk in the coming months.

Don't worry, true believers, viewers won't easily fall asleep after watching Moon Knight as he swings into the streaming platform on March 30, 2022.