Halloween Ends for Michael Myers and the gang

Fri. October 14, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Halloween Ends begins with a death drop and no Michael Myers in sight. It has been four years since Myers' last appearance and Laurie Strode, once again skillfully played by Jamie Lee Curtis, returns to the franchise. Strode is finishing a book while living with her granddaughter Alysson, who dates a new character named Corey Cunningham. 

Myers and Cunningham meet and grow to have a complicated relationship that doesn't end well. Over the course of almost two hours, there is a lot to wrap up and finally put Myers in his final resting place. 

The story is much better than the previous Halloween Kills, but sometimes meanders all over Haddonfield, Illinois with unnecessary characters and subplots. While it is nostalgic to see Bravo Housewife Kyle Richards return as Lindsey Wallace one of the original children from the 1978 film, she isn't given much to do except tell a fortune. 

Wallace can plainly see that the future doesn't look bright for all living in this small town and the viewers are way ahead of that. The pop-out scares made the first movie such a classic and those are few and far between in Halloween Ends. This is not a movie to run out and see in the theaters but home viewing will give those that are invested and grew up on the other films a chance to see it end with a stream and possibly a scream. 

Halloween Ends creeps into theaters and on October 14, 2022.