Movies Move Out of Theaters

Thu. March 19, 2020 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The movie Bloodshot crashed into theaters on March 13 and is now being released digitally on March 24. The story is based on the Valiant Comics character named Bloodshot. A United States marine named Ray Garrison is kidnap, killed and resurrected using nanite technology. The title character is played by a muddle mouthed Vin Diesel. The plot doesn't help as it's confusing as he battles some strange enemies that are underdeveloped.

The Valiant Comics line is a tough sell since it is not part of the popular DC and Marvel products. This could have been an opportunity to really work outside of the box, but Bloodshot squanders that. There's almost no humor along the way until a silly sidekick is introduced towards the end.

Sony Pictures is attempting to recoup some of the box office that Bloodshot suffered with audiences being shuttered in its opening weekend, by streaming the film, but the best thing about the expensive special effects is seeing them on a big screen.

The future of the franchise and other planned Valiant movies seems hazy.

Lazy Susan is the latest project from Will & Grace's Sean Hayes. He plays a cisgender woman and co-wrote the clever script as well. Susan is an oddball character much in the same vein as Sally Field in Hello, My Name Is Doris. She doesn't fit into the typical mold of society and that should be celebrated when the film is released.

Lazy Susan finally is motivated to work digitally on April 3.

NBCUniversal is ahead of the curve in making their upcoming releases digital. Foreseeing that movie theaters were quickly becoming problematic, they began to offer an option to watch new releases from home.

Beginning with DreamWorks Animation's tale Trolls World Tour on April 10, new films are going to be offered for home viewing. Kids that are off from school obligations now have time to enjoy the sequel to Trolls in their very own living rooms.

Look for Focus Features The Hunt, The Invisible Man and Emma to be available for a 48 hour rental period on VOD on March 20.

Is this really the right time for people to be paranoid about fighting an invisible menace while being trapped in their house? Only time will tell as profits for the entertainment industry are currently uncertain during the recent health scare.


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