Fall head over heels for this magic act

Thu. January 20, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

There's a new sister act in town and consider this Nunn impressed! Kayla Drescher: Magic in Heels hits Chicago Magic Lounge, 5050 N. Clark Street this winter and she's already warming up audiences to her remarkable talents. 

Drescher is not your typical magician and you should be grateful for that. I recently interviewed illusionist Penn Gillette and he spoke about expanding the world of magic that is sometimes locked in a box of white men. That is why it was so refreshing to see a female magician take the stage at the Blackstone Cabaret. Drescher knows Gillette and has appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us in the past. She uses that past television bit in her current act but expands everything with a swiftly moving, much-needed full arrangement. 

If you haven't been to this Magic Lounge before then have no fear and enter if you dare. The tricks begin right upon walking into the hidden storefront on Clark Street. Masked greeters will check your reservation and give some basic instructions to help ticket holders navigate their night.

Arrive early to partake in the pre-show in the bar entertainment and enjoy a flaming drink or two before the main action begins. Cocktails such as the Abracadabra mix tequila with two liqueurs for a smooth taste and don't miss out on the Dark Arts drink with aged rye-whiskey. Here's a tip, volunteer for a trick and win a treat in The Performance Bar. Visiting does not require a ticket to the show, so pop in and sit a spell! 

A guide escorts guests into the Harry Blackstone Cabaret Theater where they can view original, ancient tomes of magic that are locked away for safekeeping. 

Arriving early will once again pay off as tableside magicians give individual diners up-close magic experiences before the headliner begins. Make your hunger disappear after devouring some yummy beef tenderloin sliders or order a side of french fries served with delicious aioli truffle sauce. Prepare yourself for the main enchantress to take to the stage! 

David Copperfield called Drescher "The next great magician" and one can see why. She brings a strong background to her show and makes it all look easy breezy. Her segment is interactive and engaging while adapting to any type of crowd. Masks and mindreading come together to form a lively evening that is just what the doctor ordered. Just the right tone is created for escapism from the stress of current times. 

Drescher has a quirky sense of humor that reminded me of Katy Perry in terms of both looks and attitude. She says she gets that a lot, but can she sing? Maybe one-day audiences will find out, but until then they will be mesmerized by her mind tricks when they attend this project. Get ready to be gobsmacked and have a good time. Break out your heels, honey, because this place is perfect for a date night or out on the town celebrating with friends.  

The magic with Drescher is just getting started and running Wednesdays now through March 30, 2022. Visit to plan a necromantic night today!