Actor James Jude Courtney cuts into Emagine Batavia's Halloween screening

Tue. June 6, 2023 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Emagine Entertainment, Inc. opened a new cinema in Batavia, Illinois on June 1, 2023, with a grand celebration the night before. Located at 550 Randall Road, in the former Randall 15 IMAX space, Emagine Batavia will soon be the home of the largest Cinemascope screen in Illinois with a Super EMAX auditorium opening up on July 1, 2023.

Not only does the theater have a massive bar, pizza oven, pool tables and video games to play, but there are four interactive bowling alleys created by Spark. Warm up with heated seats and enjoy a large selection of snacks presented at the concession stand.

Actor James Jude Courtney hosted the ribbon cutting and many will know him from the 2018 horror film Halloween playing the iconic character Michael Myers.

Courtney described his humble beginnings, “I did a Rod Serling play called Requiem for a Heavyweight and that led to an audition for a live Conan the Barbarian show at Universal Studios. In that show, I fought with swords and dove into a flaming pit. It opened me up to physical characters and stunts, which made me a rare hybrid. They found me for Halloween because I fit the profile.”

One thing that surprised him about the Halloween franchise was the love from so many fans, “It was a very moving and from a character like Michael Myers. It was amazing how many fans were pulling for the antihero. People were angry that I died at the end!”

Courtney's thoughts on Jamie Lee Curtis, “She is a poster child for the empowered woman. She's kind, hilarious, incredibly talented and fights like a wildcat! In the final scene, we had bruises from our shoulders to our calves. She described that final scene in Halloween as the most powerful thing she has ever done. It was an amazing experience and I cried when she won the Oscar.”

He recently wrote a story about a high school soccer player and he is hoping to produce, direct and star in a role for a film version in the future. He described the project as, “uplifting, inspiring and hopefully spread a lot of love.”

He was invited to the theater opening by the CEO of Emagine Entertainment Anthony LaVerde who he befriended in the past, who was also in attendance at the kickoff event.

Visit for showtimes and ticket information. The team involved has imagined and created an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits this dynamic movie theater!