House of Blues Chicago is hit with a Suckerpunch

Sun. October 16, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Pop singer Chloe Moriondo arrived at House of Blues Chicago on October 15, 2022, with a sugary set for her devoted fans. The Detroit native came dressed in white with some over-the-top costume choices including white space boots, kneepads and a nighty. 

Her female presenting backing band started the evening off directly before Moriondo entered with the lead track "Popstar." The backing vocals completely covered up the song and didn't allow Moriondo to shine. The lighting displayed during the performance presented challenges as far as general photography and capturing several moments that rang true. 

The young singer seemed nervous and relied on her water bottle as a crutch to stay active. She paced often while speaking to the crowd and constantly thanked them for showing up. A queer-centered fanbase did show up in support of this open and friendly singer. It was emotional for some to be authentically themselves and appreciated in a safe space. 

The all-ages show had many young girls describing Morioondo as "pretty" and "fun." The bubbly singer bounced around the stage for songs such as "Knockout" and "Celebrity" from her recently released Suckerpunch record.   

She showed her wild side with "Bodybag" and her quirky side in "Plastic Purse." This was the third stop on the Suckerpunch Tour as they make their way across the United States in support of the album by that name. 

Moriondo played for a little over an hour but could have condensed the running time down even more. There were uncomfortable pauses between some of the songs and banter. This will come with time and practice as this artist develops. 


Bright merchandise, humble silliness and colorful costumes have come together to make her popular with young people. There were similarities to Asian marketing including K-pop sensibilities and style. 

Depending on music business trends this could make this unique performer a great deal of money and earn her a legion of loyal fanatics. 

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