Baywatch rescues the summer fun

Sun. May 28, 2017 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Skip Chips and hit the beach this summer. Movies based on television shows can be tricky, and we were ready to leave if this one hit the rocks. Luckily it did not and we stayed until the blooper credits.

The comedy has a lot to recoup with a budget of around $68 million, but sales are hoping that Europe will catch it up.

The action scenes are visually appealing and speaking of visuals, let's talk about the shirtless hunks. After meeting Zac Efron in person I remember his sparkling eyes but those abs are at a whole new level in this flick. Someone has been working out.

Dwayne Johnson is not only a hunk but has a great sense of humor. He carries the film on his Rock hard shoulders and is the reason he is the highest paid leading man in Hollywood currently.

The women are stunning as well, but the trailers and marketing have catered to the female and gay market. A ton of swag was sent to me and I took it to a big gay pool party. Boystown's Sidetrack held a party for Baywatch with a beach theme.

There are several cameos to see and director Seth Gordon taps into his Horrible Bosses sense of humor.

If you like 21 Jump Street then this is similar, and way better than the recent Chips stinker.

Baywatch now showing at local theaters.