Quiet in the Theater: Three films worth seeing

Wed. April 11, 2018 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

A Quiet Place is quietly revolutionizing the horror genre and the way audiences behave in the theater. The set up in this new film is brilliant. Director, writer, and actor John Krasinski stars along with his real life wife Emily Blunt in a movie about a family living in silence to survive creatures that are blind but can hear. The aliens have wiped out most of the population and are listening for inhabitants to make a noise. Deaf actress Millicent Simmonds is a stand out as their daughter Regan Abbot.

With most of the movie happening in silence with subtitles, movie watchers actually are quiet for a change inside the room as well. Don't buy popcorn ahead of watching this one, as you might disturb others around you. This is a reveting piece of cinema that is truly original and will have people talking for a long time, shhh.

Tomb Raider swings back into theaters and this time there's no Angelina Jolie in sight. Instead we have Oscar Award winner Alicia Vikander with a bit more realistic take to the role. I sat down with her for The Danish Girl in England and she was a delight to be around.

While I went into this 2018 version a bit skeptical, I was quickly won over thanks to an action packed bicycle scene.

The story works and a sequel looks to happen in the future thanks to strong ticket sales.

The new Steven Spielberg project Ready Player One manages to live up to the hype of the book by Ernest Cline. The storyline seems tailor-made for someone with Spielberg's iconic background and creativity.

While it is super nerdy and recommended for video game players, the scene involving The Shining was drop dead perfect and worth the price of admission for anyone.

This flick will be around for a while considering the box office numbers and will lead us right into summer blockbusters.