The Dropout picks up an intriguing story to tell

Sun. December 18, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Hulu Originals highlights an intriguing story with The Dropout television mini-series over the course of eight episodes. Elizabeth Holmes drops out of college to pursue her dream of starting a company. She was influenced by entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs but doesn't have the knowledge or skills to successfully make her vision happen.

You have to hand it to Holmes though, the nineteen-year-old builds a billion-dollar health technology company called Theramos along the way and that would be admirable until she bungles the entire endeavor.

Theramos Incorporated tried to revolutionize healthcare by building a contraption called The Edison where patients would have rapid blood test results immediately. The company raised over $700 million from various investors and even swindled the higher-ups at Walgreens to join in on the effort.

What we learn as spectators is some inventions are challenging to execute and rich people don't like to admit when they are wrong. Holmes puts the cart before the horse and her bloody Easy-Bake Oven just doesn't function. This series has a lot to say about a generation of people who look for get-rich-quick schemes in a tech-savvy world. The Dropout is similar to Apple TV+'s WeCrashed about the shared workspace company WeWork.

Real-life character roles were snapped up by actors with some possible award-winning results. Laurie Metcalf is outstanding as Phyllis Gardner, a professor at Stanford University. William H. Macy looks nothing like the real Richard Fuisz but channels his frustration well and Sam Waterston also doesn't resemble the actual George Shulz either but his powerful portrayal shines through.

Nicky Endres shows some Korean nonbinary, transfeminine representation in the cast and Lost London actor Naveen Andrews displays a strong, quiet sensitivity to the misunderstood Sunny Balwani.

It is clearly Seyfried's project though and she's already up for trophies with the Critics Choice Awards and a Golden Globe nomination. Her turn as Holmes, complete with her trademark voice, is transformative and brilliant.

She also produced the series that was nominated six times at the Primetime Emmy Awards and took home Outstanding Leading Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie earlier in 2022. Seyfried has come a long way since starring in soap operas early in her career.

Drop into to learn how not to succeed in business while really trying. The Dropout will entertain even if one already knows how it ends!