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Caitlyn Jenner criticized for joke about Republican shooting

Aaron Schock lawyers claim that feds asked witnesses whether he's gay

Prosecutors deny asking witnesses in Aaron Schock investigation whether he's gay

Gov. candidate Ives targets transgender community in new attack ad

South Carolina GOP bill would classify gay unions as 'parody marriages'

Illinois Log Cabin Republicans 'reactivated'

Illinois Gov. Rauner officiates same-sex marriage

CVS fires 2 employees involved in calling 911 on black woman over coupon

Ohio rep. who blamed shootings on 'trans people, homosexual marriage' refuses to resign

Using wrong pronouns is First Amendment right, say state attorneys general

Wis. congressional candidate borrows LGBTQ books to take them out of circulation

Las Vegas Raiders makes Carl Nassib first out gay man on regular NFL roster

Study shows mental distress for LGBTQ during Trump presidency

Liz Cheney says she was wrong on marriage equality; promises to defend it

Texas takes down LGBTQ webpage; complaint from primary challenger to GOP governor

NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson calls gay, trans people 'filth'

South Carolina governor orders investigation over 'Gender Queer' book

Oklahoma governor ends nonbinary birth certificates

Marjorie Taylor Greene snarls at GOP chairwoman for her LGBTQ support

Pritzker issues new guidance to further protect LGBTQ students in Illinois

Lambda Legal, Human Rights Campaign call for Black woman nominee, more diversity on Supreme Court

Anti-LGBTQ Pat Robertson comes out of retirement to say God wants Ukraine war

Binny's, local bars, dump Russian vodka, other goods

Missouri special session anti-trans bill would force detransition