Texas takes down LGBTQ webpage; complaint from primary challenger to GOP governor

Tue. October 12, 2021 2:36 PM by Gerald Farinas

texas department of family and protective services

photo credit // gopride.com

Family and Protective Services had several resources for LGBTQ persons and their families on the webpage

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services removed a webpage on Tuesday that provided resources for LGBTQ persons and their family members.

The disappearance happened after conservative gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines alleged the Administration of incumbent Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is promoting gay and transgender themes to the state's youth.

"Gov. Abbott's political appointees that are running the Department of Family and Protective Services have put out, and it's been on their website, some very disturbing information about our youth," Huffines said in a Twitter video

"I told Texans I would get this DFPS website taken down and stop Greg Abbott from using our tax dollars to promote transgender ideology," he wrote in his Twitter post.

The webpage has been replaced with a message that it has been "disabled for a comprehensive review of its content."