Oklahoma governor ends nonbinary birth certificates

Fri. November 12, 2021 11:08 AM by Gerald Farinas


photo credit // gopride.com

Freedom Oklahoma said the governor can't just overturn a court-entered agreement

Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma ordered the state's health department to stop issuing birth certificates that can denote a nonbinary baby rather than identify the child as male or female.

Stitt argues that while allowing the nonbinary marker was part of a settlement in a civil court case, he said that it is against Oklahoma law and therefore the health department must revert to forcing parents to declare a gender.

Ther governor issued an executive order.

"This order ensures this unauthorized action will be corrected," he said.

Stitt furthermore called on the Oklahoma legislature to convene and pass a law that bans birth certificates from allowing such a nonbinary option.

Freedom Oklahoma, the leading LGBTQ advocacy group in the state, is challenging the executive order saying the governor has no right to overturn a court ordered agreement.