Tags: discrimination

Southwest refuses gay couple and children 'family boarding' privileges

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OK gay man claims small-town fire department stood by as his house burned

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Trump's 'conscience rule' for healthcare workers would discriminate against LGBT, critics say

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Sen. Baldwin to introduce apology resolution for Federal gov LGBTQ injustices

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Marjorie Taylor Greene goes on anti-trans rant; campaigns in Illinois

Michigan ballot drive for LGBTQ nondiscrimination law fails

Judge dismisses Christian groups fighting Virginia anti-LGBTQ law

Pat Robertson, who's opposed to LGBT rights, steps down as host of '700 Club'

Wichita, Kan. nondiscrimination law passes; rejects religious right to fire LGBTQ employees

Supreme Court refuses to give Christian college a pass over anti-discrimination case

NYC mayor appoints anti-LGBTQ pastors to his new administration