Supreme Court refuses to give Christian college a pass over anti-discrimination case

Tue. March 1, 2022 5:47 PM by Gerald Farinas

u.s. supreme court

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Ministerial exemption is sometimes applied in cases where government should not interfere with ministries of a church

Gordon College, a Christian school in Massachusetts, thought a conservative-balanced U.S. Supreme Court would allow a religious exemption to throw out a case against them. Instead, the High Court said it would not.

Associate Professor Margaret DeWeese-Boyd had sued Gordon College in 2017 for refusing to promote her, arguing that her LGBTQ advocacy was the basis for discrimination.

Gordon College petitioned the Supreme Court to throw out the case using a principle that government bodies cannot interfere with religious institutions' decisions on their ministerial workforce.

The school argues that their professors are technically ministers.

There have been cases in the past that were thrown out due to "ministerial exception."

DeWeese-Boyd said she's a teacher, not a minister.

Conservative associate justice Samuel Alito wrote a statement that they are going to let the case move through the process.

DeWeese-Boyd argues that Gordon College discriminated against her just by association with LGBTQ people.