Feature Column: Chappell Confidential


12/13/2015 - 7 White People I Can't With Anymore

10/22/2015 - Howard Brown's Big Orange Ball

10/13/2015 - Brunching While Black & Gay
Black, Gay, & Smoked Out in a Lakeview

10/13/2015 - Brunching While Black & Gay
Black, Gay, & Smoked Out in Lakeview

09/02/2015 - Janelle Monae & Wondaland Take Over Atlanta

09/02/2015 - Janelle Monae & Wondaland Take Over Atlanta

07/08/2015 -
Summer Party with Vital Bridges

05/27/2015 - IML 2015 Recap
IML 2015: People, parties and trouble

05/22/2015 - IML Social Media Takeover!

05/13/2015 - IML: Daddies and otters and bears, oh yasssssssss
Time to snag a leather daddy at this year's IML!

05/06/2015 - Chicago House Spring Brunch & Fashion Show Recap
Mimosas, Menziz, & Madonna @ This Year's Chicago House Brunch!

03/30/2015 - You're Cute for a Black Guy

03/06/2015 - Under Armour’s Grand Opening Party

02/23/2015 - Oscars Recap

02/20/2015 - Ashy No More
Break-Up Letter to Nivea

02/18/2015 - Heartland Health Outreach’s Oscars Party
Heartland Health Outreach’s 5th Annual Oscars Party

01/31/2015 - Turn It Up For Change
JHud Teams Up With W Hotels and HRC For LGBT Equality

12/18/2014 - Art Basel Miami: Brickell Edition
Miami played blank canvass for the premier jet setting show Art Basel.

11/20/2014 - Notre Boutique
New Menswear Boutique Steps up Andersonville's Style Game

11/20/2014 - Notre Boutique
New Menswear Boutique Steps up Andersonville's Style Game

08/05/2014 - Lolla Recap 2014
W Lakeshore Lolla Kickoff, Rolling Stone @ Paris, Aqua Pool Party

06/12/2014 - Chappell Confidential
Alton Lane's New Men's Shop, Elixir Launches New Cocktail Menu, & More

03/12/2014 - Chappell Confidential
EQIL Gala, Saks Fifth Ave. New Men's Store, & W's New EWOW Suite

10/23/2013 -
Couture & Cocktails, Pump Room's Private Dinner, Leader's Luncheon

07/29/2013 - Where The Action Is
Lambda Legal @ SuitSupply, UG Reopens, & Rivers Casino Tasting

06/12/2013 -
C&C with JAB, Chefs in The City Kick-off, & Fred Says Photo Shoot

05/15/2013 - Cupcakes & Champagne
You're Invited to Cupcakes & Champagne With JAB!

04/30/2013 - Springing Into Action
Fashion Presentation, Joffrey Spring Gala, & Vertigo's New Look

04/18/2013 - Modern Vintage Chicago's Preview VIP Party
You're Invited To Modern Vintage Chicago's Preview VIP Party

03/22/2013 - Vanité Paul Mitchell Focus Salon Teams up with Fro
Vanité Salon Teams up with Frog N’ Snail to Fight Childhood Cancer

02/27/2013 -
Lux Mgmt's Kick-off Party, POD's Art Exhibition Benefit, & EQIL Gala

02/19/2013 -
You're Invited to Center on Halsted's Oscar Party

02/15/2013 -
Tune into 90.7FM to get the low-down on the underground party scene

02/13/2013 - Center On Halsted's Kick-off Oscar Party
You're Invited to Center on Halsted's Kick-off Oscar Party

02/06/2013 - Pointe of Departure Art Exhibition Benefit
You're Invited To Pointe of Departure Art Exhibition Benefit

01/28/2013 - The Ratchet Life
Fire & Ice Party, T-Party @ Studio Paris, Chicago Bull's After Party

12/20/2012 - Here's to 2013!
Lambda Legal's Holidays on Ice & Fred Says Kick-off Reception

11/21/2012 - The Top Ten Douchiest Gays of Chicago

10/17/2012 - Champagne Dreams and Hollywood Nights
Couture & Cocktails, Haberdash's Fall Launch, and Public's One Year

09/21/2012 - How To Be Your Fabulous Self At a Cocktail Party
The top ten dos and mostly don'ts for a cocktail party

09/17/2012 - It's Time
Sloan's Cocktail Reception, Dinner @ Red Violet, Out in The Park, C&C

08/23/2012 - Lollapalooza Recap
Hard Rock Hotel Parties, W Lakeshore Lolla Kick-off, & Rolling Stone

08/02/2012 - Live in the Now
Midsummer Fashion Show, Chefs & The City, and lunch @ David Burke's

07/09/2012 - A Midsummer Fashion Show: Benefiting HRC
You're Invited to A Midsummer Fashion Show: Benefiting HRC

06/29/2012 - Everything is Super When You're Gay
CP Turns 10, Chicago House Event , Live Scissor Sisters' Performance

05/04/2012 - Brunch Plans?
Chicago House's Spring Brunch and Fashion Show

05/02/2012 - Adventures of Mad Hatter's Escape
Jerry Azumah @ Studio Paris, Art Installation @ Mini, & Girls for EQIL

04/13/2012 - Cocktails For Charity

04/06/2012 - How to Plan a Rocking Cocktail Party

04/02/2012 - Sunday Funday
Bloomingdale's Spring Fashion Show, Rocked-out Birthday, & Launch

03/13/2012 - Top Ten Rules of Dating

03/09/2012 - Retox is for Winners
Catch me on the radio, 89.5fm: Launch Party at UG & Sunday Retox

02/24/2012 - The Vital Bridges Oscar Party at Hotel 71
View The Oscars at Bruce Wayne's Penthouse

02/17/2012 - Youth Empowerment at Center on Halsted
Catch me on the radio at 89.5fm at 5pm

02/10/2012 - We Started Off Classy, but...
Chicago Gets New Show, Joffrey's Pointe of Departure, & Bday Brunch

02/04/2012 - PYG's Pre-cocktail Party for TPAN's CTO
You're Invited to Celebrate TPAN's Chicago Takes Off with P.Y.G.

01/09/2012 - Oh, You Fancy Huh!?
Chocolate Chasers for Charity, Bringing in 2012 @ The Drake, and more

12/28/2011 - Zac Posen Celebrates The Holidays
EFFEN Celebrates The Holidays with Fashion Designer Zac Posen

11/21/2011 - DIFFA's Dining by Design
EFFEN Cocktails by Design, $10,000 luxury bed raffle, and DIFFA Gala

11/04/2011 - Staycation at The Peninsula Chicago
Join in on the fun as Peninsula Chicago Celebrates its 10th Year

10/04/2011 - NYC Fashion Week
EFFEN Vodka Celebrates NYC Fashion Week

08/23/2011 - Top Ten Rules of Hooking Up
Top Ten Rules for Hooking Up

08/10/2011 - You're Invited to Brunch

07/19/2011 - Big Girl Heaven
PYG Turns 1, Chefs and The City, and LEAD Foundation Launch

06/15/2011 - EFFEN Vodka Art of Design Invite
You're Invited!

05/23/2011 - Excess is Exhilarating
Joffrey Sping Gala, Bowling for Charity, and Chefs and The City

04/25/2011 - "Because I'm F%$&ing Fabulous"
Tocarra @ Park 52, PYG Springs into Action, & Dinner @ Jack Binion

03/14/2011 - Bidding for Thailand
Joffrey @ Tiffany's, Shirne's Event, and Steppenwolf @ Saks Fiffth Ave

02/14/2011 - Teach Me How to Dougie
Chefs and the City, Vital Nights, 26th B-day Bash at the M Lounge

01/14/2011 - Rahm Emanuel is a Silver Fox
PYG Holiday Fundraiser, NYE Party at the Hancock, & Rahm's Fundraiser

12/09/2010 - I Met The Incredible Hulk
Mike Ruiz @ Spin, James Franko movie deal talk,& party @ W Lakeshore

11/17/2010 - Party Crasher’s Anonymous
Chicago Urban League's Gala, Fashion for charity, and crashing parties

11/03/2010 - "Is It Facebook Worthy?"
J Hud Rocks Out, PYG Cocktail Soiree, and Ladies with Mustaches

10/09/2010 - Cocktailing Around Town!
Couture and Cocktails, CK loft Party, and One Man Chicago Party

08/18/2010 - Campaigning for Votes
Campaigning for votes, Lollapalooza, Perez Hilton, Air, Water and more

07/21/2010 - You really like me!
P.Y.G. recap and photos, plus voice your choice in One Man Chicago

06/24/2010 - Summer is officially here
Touring Trump Spa, Jensen Atwood, Daley's LGBT reception

05/26/2010 - One Man Chicago
Terrence Chappell is on a One Man (Chicago) crusade for your votes

05/05/2010 - The Staycation
Forget exotic vacations, Terrence opts for a staycation & great events

04/21/2010 - Surfing Chicago
TC has been making waves as he surfs Chicago's hottest parties

03/17/2010 - Spring Fundraising
Spring fundraising has begun and Terrence Chappell covers the scene

03/04/2010 -
Terrence Chappells hits ChicagoPride.com with his first Confidential