One Man Chicago

Wed. May 26, 2010 12:00 AM
by Terrence Chappell

My first stop was at the One Man Chicago launch party at Rockit Bar & Grill on Hubbard Street. Finally, something for the guys! During the event, it was explained that One Man Chicago is a unique event series where men between the ages of 24-44 enter to compete for the treasured title of One Man Chicago. With a panel of expert, influential judges, the winner who displays the best perspectives of community involvement, intelligence, personality, and fitness will receive $5,000 to split with his favorite charity. Now, I had absolutely no intention on entering the contest. However, somewhere between when I was stuffing my face with a hamburger (don't worry, I won't go into a big girl rant) and when I was introduced to Carole Brown, former CTA Chair and Sue Leonis of Blo Dri, I was convinced by both women to sign up. I'll actually be representing Carole's charity, Chicago Public Schools Arts Education. I'm super nervous. The only two people who I think will vote for me are my parents and that's still no guarantee, so please stay tuned in as I keep you updated and vote for me!

Graham Kostic, style editor for Modern Luxury publications, invited me to his event at RSVP Gallery in Wicker Park for the Karen Walker eyewear party. Karen Walker offers sunglasses in traditional and off-the-wall shapes and sizes. With summer around the corner, Walker's glasses are a definite beach bag must! The event was a fun time and I actually ran into a fellow staffer. Bill Pritchard,'s senior vice president of community relations, is always a riot and actually knew Graham, the host. Such a small world! I tell ya, you can't do anything in Chicago without someone knowing about it. Also, be sure to check out RSVP Gallery. The gallery sports an eclectic collection of fun accessories.

I went to the Center on Halsted's Human First Gala at the Harris Theater. The night opened with a leader reception in the lobby of the Prudential Building. I got to see my old friend from my BOI Magazine days, George Saint George and he actually shot the picture of my friend and I at the reception. For more photos from that night by him, check out his website . After the reception, guests walked across the street to the Harris Theater for a night of fun and entertainment. Hal Sparks was the host for the night and did an amazing job at engaging the crowd. Oleta Adams delivered a memorable performance on the piano and looked stunning in her sequenced gown. However, I must say that the highlight of my evening was Lily Tomlin. I remember her from the movie Nine to Five and quite honestly, I've had some bosses I wanted to tie up and leave in a room, haha. I kid, I kid. She looked fantastic and was absolutely hilarious.

With the weather better, my friends and I did brunch at Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café. If you haven't already, and shame on you if you haven't, you have to do brunch at Mini. I have to take my hat off to owners Stu and John, and the good people behind Minibar's brunch for delivering such a great experience. I wish I caught his name, but our waiter was so gracious and kept the mimosas flowing!

As always, don't ever stress, always have fun and take care of each other.