Howard Brown's Big Orange Ball

Thu. October 22, 2015 12:00 AM
by Terrence Chappell

It's that time of the year again where everyone is a sexy kitten, a sexy mouse, a sexy nurse, a sexy zombie, a sexy toaster strudel, a sexy sinus infection, a sexy Drake meme, or whatever ridiculous thing people try to make sexy for Halloween.


This year, Howard Brown Health Center is kicking off fall with its Big Orange Ball this Saturday, Oct. 24 at The Geraghty 2025 Hoyne Ave. General admission tickets are $150 while "RIP" (VIP) tickets are $300. The costume dance party will feature an onsite Brown Elephant Costume Closet to dress guests for costumes, a live DJ set by DJ's Megan Taylor and Gloria Alers, cocktails, seasonal treats, and above all probably some big, burly menziz parading around as Tarzan! Speaking of partying with big, burly menziz...or just men in general.

Now, I know how all ya'll get just to celebrate a random Saturday, hell on a Tuesday. So, for Halloween I'm guessing the most popular costume after midnight this year will be no panties. I'm all for being a sex positive person, line em up if that's your thing. However, it is service organizations like Howard Brown that help keep our community healthy. So before ya'll have a heart attack over the ticket prices just think would you rather have our community waiting in long ass lines to Shady Oaks Clinic run by Pookie and em or Howard Brown because if one person in our community isn't getting proper health treatment, it can and often will affect us all.


See ya at the Orange Ball or the Sunday afternoon after Halloween STILL in yo costume!


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