Feature Column: Groove Line


03/03/2010 -
Centaur's Big Muscle and Tracy Young remixes Tardy For The Party

01/27/2010 -
DJ Plez with his dance-related Grammy Award picks

01/13/2010 - 11th Annual Plez Awards
As we welcome 2010, DJ Plez presents the 11th Annual Plez Awards

01/06/2010 -
Stone in love, Grammy nods for Guetta, top-sellers & more music news

11/18/2009 -
Farewell to Nitro, DJ Psycho Bitch at Scarlet, and Janet's new music

09/16/2009 -
Whitney Houston returns, plus other playlist goodies

07/22/2009 -
Cyon Flare's new hit single, music suggestions and some light reading

05/13/2009 -
To tip or not to tip the DJ, plus Escapism and more from DJ Plez

04/09/2009 - Lady Gaga, In the House, Cornell, Boom
DJ Plez talks Lady Gaga, In the House, Cornell and Boom

03/04/2009 -
Tracy Young is back Chi, plus Cazwell 'seen' Beyonce at Burger King

02/09/2009 -
Nitro goes local, House is homeless and Wayne G's CD mix

01/05/2009 -
Celebrating the best in music for '08, the annual Plez Awards

09/24/2008 -
Jason & deMarco's new CD, plus The Veronicas are back

09/10/2008 -
Ultra Nate releases an ambitious 2-CD set that is sure to excite fans

07/30/2008 -
Johnny McGovern is so gay and Faggity - and his new album is so good

06/25/2008 -
The Pride Issue of Groove Line... Ur So Gay

06/18/2008 -
Centaur returns with another Gay Days CD; release party at Circuit

05/21/2008 -
The Dark & Dirty Edition of Groove Line celebrating IML Weekend

05/14/2008 -
DJ Plez's musical selections and recommendations

04/23/2008 -
From remodeling, expanding and new bars, the LGBT scene is changing

03/26/2008 -
The foward calendar with hot upcoming events and music you can use!

02/20/2008 -
Singles Life... a few tracks you'll surely want on your iPod

01/30/2008 -
Club Notes from Hunters, Cocktail & Minibar; plus the 2007 Plez Awards

12/05/2007 -
Boystown's newest nightspot, Scarlet; plus Friday is the new Saturday

11/07/2007 -
New music reviews by DJ Plez, including Just Jack

10/24/2007 -
DJ Plez discovers Ricky Sinz, plus his regular musical round-up and

09/26/2007 -
Crobar's next Sunday night party; plus new music to make you groove

08/15/2007 -
DJ Plez Groovin' on the 'Net, plus some recommended summer singles

06/18/2007 -
DJ Plez with a Pride preview, plus remix singles for your iPod

05/23/2007 -
DJ Plez offers several musical options for the Memorial Day Weekend

05/02/2007 -
Centaur Music brings high-energy country, Roscoe's 20th and more...

03/14/2007 -
Nitro delivers superstar talent at Circuit; Victor Calderone's Evolve

02/15/2007 -
Pure Future arrests could significantly change Chicago's nightlife

02/08/2007 - Love: The Valentine's Mix Tape
Love: The Valentine's Day Mix Tape by DJ Plez

01/20/2007 - 2006 Plez Awards
DJ Plez, CP's Music Editor, presents the 2006 Plez Awards

01/10/2007 -
The Hollaback girl returns, DJ Plez with music reviews

12/05/2006 -
Who's the Top DJ, plus DJ Tracy Young on an impressive run

11/01/2006 -
The new Mary's Attic, and Borderline Music opens in Andersonville

10/12/2006 -
DJ Plez's compilation CD round-up and Groovin' On CD selections

09/18/2006 -
Labor Day recap, Forward Thinking: Vasquez, Oakenfold and Sasha

08/27/2006 -
The Flight Party over Labor Day, the DJ Top 100 and music reviews

08/03/2006 -
Gay Games Party Survey and a forward look to Market Days

07/11/2006 - Gay Games Parties
DJ Plez breaks down the hottest parties happening during the Gay Games

06/20/2006 - Happy Pride!
Special Pride Edition, plus Chicago's "jacked-up house" music

05/24/2006 -
Memorial Day Weekend Party Picks and CD Spotlight: KT Tunstall

05/01/2006 -
DJ Plez highly recommends the Gay Games - Chicago 2006 CD (Review)

04/05/2006 -
A missed opportunity selecting a Boston DJ to mix the Games CD?

03/09/2006 -
DJ Plez takes us on a musical itinerary to places near and far!

02/02/2006 -
Junior Vasquez visits Chicago for the first time in five years

01/17/2006 -
And the winner is... the 2005 Plez Awards! The envelope, please...

12/21/2005 -
House Music Awards DJ of the Year, a Grammy Snub plus Music Reviews

11/19/2005 -
Fireball: No Future? Plenty of History! ... plus music reviews

10/25/2005 -
DJ Plez's reports from Black & Blue in Montreal

09/23/2005 -
Montreal preps for Black & Blue Festival, plus Music You Can Use

08/18/2005 -
Market Days observations, and CD reviews including Natasha Bedingfield

08/03/2005 -
Market Days music, plus Groove Line goes LIVE!

07/07/2005 -
Recapping Pride and the 4th Weekends, and remembering Luther Vandross

05/25/2005 -
Plenty of opportunities this weekend to shake your groove things

04/28/2005 -
DJ Plez stays focused on music for this column

04/12/2005 -
C-H-I-C-A-G-O... what makes it a wonderful city!?!

03/08/2005 -
Circuit Nightclub re-opens and Crobar drops GLEE Club

01/24/2005 -
Frankie's 50th, the Forward Calendar includes Fireball & Circuit Asia

01/06/2005 -
The Holiday Recap, Frankie turns 50 and the 2004 Plez Awards

11/30/2004 -
My excitement for Blue Merle can’t be contained, plus holiday events

11/15/2004 -
Monday night boom... and the forward calendar includes Paul Oakenfold.

10/16/2004 -
Pumpkinhead returns with Peter Rauhofer, Sunday changes in Boystown

09/27/2004 -
DJ Plez with a Summer Recap and details on DJ Peter Rauhofer's upcoming visit to Sound-Bar

08/27/2004 -
Circuit temporarily closes for renovations, plus select events for the Labor Day Weekend.

08/03/2004 - Market Days Edition
An incredible line-up of DJ's is sure to fill Chicago bars over Market Days. Cell Block is back!

07/22/2004 -
Front row with Madonna... Angie Stone is back... DJs Derrick Carter and Mark Farina

07/07/2004 -
Ma's In Town... "exclusive" and "official" after concert parties. Plus, What is Deep House?

06/21/2004 -
Plan your Pride Weekend and 4th Festivities... a complete breakdown of the hottest parties.

05/19/2004 -
Sunday heats-up in the Windy City as Sound-Bar unveils new Sunday Night.

04/27/2004 - Tuesday, April 27th
Da Bears help Britney and DJ Plez spins The Real Deal Chicago at the hot new Sound-Bar

04/02/2004 - Friday, April 2nd
New to ChicagoPride.com, Borderline Music's Top 10 and DJ Chris Eterno controls the Hydrate dance floor

03/24/2004 - Wednesday, March 24th
Sound-Bar opening to the public

03/16/2004 - Tuesday, March 16th
New column name and Star69 Records named Record Label of the Year

03/04/2004 - Thursday, March 4th
ChicagoPride.com welcomes Michael (DJ Plez) Pleasants