Market Days Edition

Tue. August 3, 2004 12:00 AM
by DJ Plez

Market Days Music on the Street – Part 1
The unofficial GLBT Pride Festival - Northalsted Market Days – is just a few days away, Saturday and Sunday, August 7 and 8. There is an interesting collection of musical acts that will be performing at the various stages, including A Flock of Seagulls (right), Shelby Lynne, Pansy Division, Buckwheat Zydeco, and the Von Trapp Children (the offsrping of the Sound of Music people). As usual, there will be three stages: on the ends of the strip at Halsted & Belmont and Halsted & Addison and of course in the 7-11 parking lot at Roscoe & Halsted.
Market Days Entertainment Lineup

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200
The story is definitely long and maybe interesting, but the conclusion is that Cell Block is back open on the northern end of Halsted Street. Ownership issues have apparently been solved (there had been rumors of a lawsuit) and there is again a leather outpost in Boystown. My sources tell me that current ownership, which was also the former owner (add “complicated” to the adjectives to describe the story), has re-hired several members of the former Cell Block staff who were left in the lurch upon the unexpected closing this past April. Now before you ask me the question, let me answer: “Despite being a part of that group left in the lurch, my DJing services were not requested for this recent re-birth.” Lots of the leatherfolk had moved their allegiance to the bars further up north during the past nine months of Cell Block’s “transitions.” Hopefully Cell Block can re-gain their former customer base as well as draw on newer patrons. Another thriving business on the Strip would be a positive development. Musical happenings at the Cell this weekend include DJ Hale on Friday night, Earl Pleasure on Saturday night, and Freddie Bain on Sunday.

Market Days Music on the Street – Part 2
As I mentioned in my last Groove Line, while the various musical stages will have an eclectic line-up of acts, the eclecticism will not extend to any sort of DJ provided dance music. I guess the hugely successful Summer Dance DJ series in Grant Park wasn’t convincing enough. Anyway, not to fear for those who want to hear some heavy 4/4 beats while walking amongst the crowds. Hydrate will be pumping the music loud and strong all weekend at the intersection of Halsted & Cornelia. Former music editors, Greg Drescher and Chris Eterno, will be tag-teaming twice throughout the weekend. Joe Gauthreaux will again grace the city with his beautific presence sharing duties alongside other Hydrate regulars Ralphi Rosario, Laura B., and DJeremy. Finally on Sunday evening and into the night, starting outdoors and then heading in, Rosabel (Rosario and DJ Abel from Miami) will be cranking it up for a high-energy conclusion to the weekend that’s sure to please.

Live At Zentra
I tried telling you all that THE place to be in all of Chicagoland this past Monday night was Zentra for the double play combination of DJs Derrick Carter and Mark Farina. Even for a school night, this placed was absolutely packed and the energy high as these two house music legends tore up the dance floor. Carter hit the decks first with an incredible set - the best I’ve heard from him in a while. And then Farina, a former Chicagoan who now resides in San Francisco, took the night’s baton from Carter and made all in attendance remember back to his old Windy City days when he could jack out the tracks with the best of them. It really was a great night. If you missed out you only have yourselves to blame. At least you can do the next best thing and pick up their new double cd set, Live at Om . The guys over at Borderline Music definitely have some in stock.

Market Days Music on the Inside
The venues are sure to be crowded, definitely steamy, and full of sweaty boyz and girlz. But it’s Market Days and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Friday night, Joe Gauthreaux (pictured right) is back in town for the second time within a month (is he moving here?) to spin the Hydrate Dance Party while the girls will be doing a casino themed thing over at Circuit with DJ G-String. Over at Spin on both Friday and Saturday nights you can catch’s own DJ Peter Mavrik. Moving further down Halsted on Saturday night, Chicago’s own Eterno and Drescher will be driving it strong and hard at Hydrate while DJ James Andersen from NYC gives us a bit of Gotham at Circuit Nightclub. Just recently added to the party calendar is an event at The Vic with LA’s Masterbeat maestro, DJ Brett Henrichsen. And just when everyone’s pretty much out of steam by Sunday night, the party temptations present DJ Barry Harris at Sound-Bar, Roland Belmares at Crobar, and Rosabel at Hydrate. You best plan on calling in sick on Monday morning.

Check the Events Calendar for a complete list of Market Days events.

The Forward Calendar
Mid-August brings a week that will be hard to top. First up, it’s DJ Escape at Circuit on Saturday August 21 followed by DJ Paulo (Los Angeles) at Sound-Bar on Sunday, August 22. Many of you are already be familiar with Escape’s hard-edge NYC style from his many appearances over the years here in Chicago. Lesser known to local dance floors is Paulo (pictured left), who is without a doubt one of my favorite DJs currently spinning. His ability to excite a dance floor with his mastery of tribal beats is simply amazing.

Later on mid-week, a most improbable but incredible 1-2 dance music punch will hit Chicago. Arguably the two most influential DJs in the history of global dance music culture (and that’s not hyperbole) will be providing beats and sounds for Chicagoans. On Wednesday, August 25 in Grant Park as the concluding act of Chicago Summer Dance’s DJ Series it’s none other than Frankie Knuckles (pictured right), the Godfather of House Music. The dance area, across the street from the Hilton Hotel, will be packed so get there early (it starts at 6:30 pm) to hear the originator create under the stars.
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The next night on August 26 (my birthday for those who care) at Sound-Bar, the one and only John Digweed will be gracing the DJ booth demonstrating the beauty of house music with a progressive slant. Head of the Bedrock label in the U.K. and sometimes partner with fellow progressive jock Sasha, Digweed has inspired DJs all over the world and brought incredible amounts of creativity to the dance music genre. He has a complete understanding of the true essence of house music and is impressive with his demonstrations of such. If you’ve never heard Diggers live, be sure to check him out at Sound-Bar. You won’t be sorry.

Market Days Music on the Street – Part 3
Not ceding all the dance music to Hydrate during Market Days weekend, Kafka Wine Co. will have yours truly set up in front of their store at the intersection of Halsted & Buckingham throughout the weekend spinning my style of hybrid house music. There’ll be some deep house, some tribal, a bit of T-dance fare, definitely some classic old school stuff, and everything else in between. There was great response to the music we had pumping out at that corner during Pride weekend, so we’re going to go bigger, better and louder this time around. Be sure to stop on by and get your Market Days groove on.