Love: The Valentine's Mix Tape

Thu. February 8, 2007 12:00 AM
by DJ Plez

The conventional wisdom is that love songs are typically ballads, many of which are old-time standards from the American songbook. However there are many of us who have prowled the dance floor at nightclubs over the years and know well that songs of love and devotion can come with a 4/4 dance beat and lots of groove. So in honor of Valentine's Day I've come up with a list of "Love" songs that I as a DJ would program for a Valentine's mixed tape. (For you youngsters out there, the modern day equivalent of a mixed tape is a specialized playlist for your iPod).

Kylie Minogue – "Love At First Sight" (Ruff & Jam Club Mix)
This seems like the appropriate start to the mix as it so often describes the start of so many relationships and that euphoric feeling that's felt when you think you've meant THE ONE.

Cleptomaniacs featuring Bryan Chambers – "All I Do" (JJK Orchid Club Mix)
Ok, this song title doesn't have "love" in it, but I usually play it right after "Love At First Sight." Besides, this Stevie Wonder cover about the beginning of a love affair chorus refrain of "all I do is think about you."

Robin – "Love Me" (Big Ol' Chunk Of Love Mix)
The sexy sultry underground track says "don't want no diamonds or expensive things" and simply demands that you "love me morning, noon, or night / Summer, winter, spring, or fall / If I'm fat or if I'm thin / If I'm short or if I'm tall / Love me!"

Diana Ross – "Love Hangover" (Joey Negro Remix)
This funky groovy version of the Diana Ross classic talks about how sweet love can be so good and intoxicating, declaring that "if there's a cure for this, I don't want it. I don't need it."

Loleatta Holloway – "Love Sensation 06" (Freemasons Club Mix)
"You got me burning up with you love!" And Miss Holloway is not talking about someone giving her an STD. The love sensations she's referring to are ALL GOOD!

Juliet Roberts – "Free Love 2006"
Having someone not only tell you that they love you but show you unconditional love, is the greatest feeling in the world and "shows that you are not alone" in this world and have someone with whom to share your life.

Pete Heller – "Big Love" (Dimitri's Edit)
The Dimitri From Paris remix of this Pete Heller classic is a mash-up using the R&B classic by D-Train in which they "shout out loud you're the one for me!"

Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz featuring Marc Evans - The Way You Love Me (DJ Spen Mix)
"You complete me. I'm the man that I'm supposed to be, because of you." These lyric may sound cheesy when read, but when sung by Evans on this soulful house track, you know he's sincere and truly in love.

Steve Mac – "Lovin' You More (That Big Track)"
This rousing anthem, with a full complement of keyboards and strings, is sure to convince that whoever is singing it is truly devoted only to you and intent on "lovin' you more."

Madonna – "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" (Junior Vasquez Mix)
Of course most folks have had a love go terribly wrong, and the loneliness and emptiness that results are captured in this cover of the Rose Royce classic that's tackled by Madonna and Junior.

Roger Sanchez – "Lost" (Lucien Foort Classic Tribal Mix)
Once a relationship is over, feeling lost and thinking you won't survive is so very common, and knowingly expressed in this track.

Freemasons featuring Amanda Wilson – "Love On My Mind"
On the road to recovery, Wilson laments about having lost love but shows growing confidence as she realizes that "once the heartache is over" you can live and love again.

Blaze featuring Barbara Tucker – "Most Precious Love" (DF 3000 Mix)
Speaking to those who've experienced the ups and downs of life and love, this is a glorious uplifting song about how great and spiritually satisfying it can be find the love within oneself. The most important, and truly "most precious love" of all

Vernessa Mitchell – "Love Will Find A Way" (Tim Letteer's Remix)
This bouncy upbeat track states the universal truth about love: once you believe in yourself and learn to love yourself, only then will love find its way to you. It will be a good love and it most certainly will find you!

Justin Timberlake – "My Love" (Poker Face House Remix)
Not content with just bringing "sexyback," the new millennium's blue-eyed soul brother's romantic side comes through loud and clear as he sings "I can see us in the country side /
Sitting in the grass laying side by side."

River Ocean featuring India - "Love & Happiness"
The title of this house music classic pretty much sums up what we all are looking for. It's a perfect ending to Love: The Valentine's Mixed Tape.

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