Groove Line

Thu. April 28, 2005 12:00 AM
by DJ Plez

Dance Singles of the Moment

"Sound of the Drum" – Suzanne Palmer (Star 69)
Oh, this track is just delicious, especially the Original Mix by Anthony Acid and Peter Bailey. This mix has a hellacious funkiness to it that's slightly minimalist for a tribal track but nonetheless will tear up dance floors. Ms. Palmer and the folks at Star 69 are on a roll of late with last year's highly popular "Luv 2 Luv" and the more recent "Home." They most certainly continue their winning formula with "Sound of the Drum."

"Since U Been Gone" and "Miss Independent" – Kelly Clarkson (BMG/RCA)
The winner of the first edition of Americal Idol has been all over the airwaves of late and is now set to conquer dance floors as well. "Since U Been Gone" has been remixed by Jason Nevins and is getting much play. Another remix of this track by Fireball 2005 DJ Showcase Josh Gram should also prove popular and especially delight the Halsted Street crowd. I've stumbled upon three quality remixes of "Miss Independent," two of which are separate tribalistic anthemic rubs by Hani and Junior Vasquez. The third remix – Junior's Kelly Rock Mix - is also by Vasqeuz and the best of the bunch in my opinion. It uses the classic "Planet Rock" by Afrika Bambaataa as its underlying rhythm and melody, creating a exciting and sexy mix that will devastate – in a good way – any dance floor.
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Compilation Contemplation

Buzzin Fly - Volume 2 – Mixed by Ben Watt (Astralwerks)
Many of you know him as one half of Everything But The Girl, but Ben Watt is also quite heralded for his abilities in the DJ booth when it comes to mixing deep house music for discriminating dance floors worldwide. Demonstrating his discerning hear for quality tracks, this second volume of Buzzin Fly is warm and comfortable in its groove as well as ambitious and challenging in its tracklisting. Watt manages to stay true to a deep house aesthetic while infusing a bit of electro-nish to the mix, creating a CD that is a welcomed addition to a dance music world dominated by peak-hour tribal and hard house compilations.
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A Night Out With The Boys – Various Artists (Koch Records/EMI)
Truly a compilation of songs and not a continuously mixed CD, this is one fun collection of dance-oriented tracks that have a gay sensibility, but will most assuredly appeal to a broad spectrum of listeners. A Night Out With The Boys includes classic dance anthems by Taste of Honey, Adeva, First Choice, Taylor Dane, and Loleatta Holloway as well as rare b-side and import-only mixes that you probably won't hear on other compilations. Also included is "You Got The Love" by Candi Staton, the track that was played over the closing credits in the "Sex and The City" finale.
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CDs of the Moment

Ringside – Ringside (Flawless / Geffen)
I get CDs sent to me all the time: some good, some bad, some by artists I'm familiar with, some by artists I want to become more familiar with, and some by artists I hope not to ever become familiar with. Ringside the CD fits into the good quality, and Ringside the artist (actually it's two artists that make up the band: Scott Thomas and Balthazar Getty) is in the category I definitely want to know more about. This self-titled debut release, officially described as Genreal Alternative, comes in attractive packaging with two handsome men on the CD cover (I think it's Thomas and Getty); however, it's the guts of the CD, which contains 12 songs, that proves that Ringside is much more than two pretty faces. Influenced by the likes of the Beatles, U2, the Stones, and Depeche Mode, Ringside has a fresh focus on lyrical content that's strikes a great balance with the music, which I found to be very appealing straight-forward presentations and arrangements. When dance music has rung through my ears once too many times, Ringside will get priority treatment in my CD player. (You can catch Ringside live at the Aragon on May 4, 2005)
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Martha Wainwright - Martha Wainwright (Zoe / Rpunder Records)
Another General Alternative CD getting lots of attention is Martha Wainwright's self-titled effort. Little sister to Rufus Wainwright, Martha is a distinct and refreshing artist who clearly has her own voice and a unique talent. (No riding on coattails here, a la Ashlee Simpson.) Martha Wainwright's vocal style is wonderfully demonstrative and filled with emotion, hugely augmenting the storytelling of the lyrics and music. Reminiscent of Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell, this passionate singer - who plays the role of the torch singer in Martin Scorsese's film, The Aviator – is a musical force who will no doubt leave her own lasting mark by which others will be compared.
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