Groove Line

Wed. May 21, 2008 12:00 AM
by DJ Plez

As a working DJ, I am hired and paid to select songs that successfully move a dance floor or groove a lounge. However, when I'm away from the DJ booth and in the confines of my bedroom, I do the figurative hiring of DJs by purchasing and playing CDs that will best serve to augment activities that show my affinity to the one (or ones) who share my bed. Or sling! Typically I like to play continuous, rhythmically-focused dance mixes and over the years have acquired many CDs that stylistically reflect the differing aspects of my sexual personality: from the rough and hard-edged "take it like a man" bad boy to the sensual and romantic maker of love.

Here now I present my favorite "sex CDs" that have never failed to "take me there" when legs are spread and mouths (and other orifices) are opened wide. In my opinion these mixes are timeless; and while I can't guarantee that they will have the same orgasmic effect on you, I do think they are worthy of your consideration.

Junior Works Eightball mixed by Junior Vasquez
It was a decade ago when this 2-CD set was released and upon first hearing it on my car stereo I was remarkably unimpressed and somewhat annoyed at possibly having wasted my money. But then one night as I was getting busy with this hot hunky man, I discovered that the heavy sonic and tonal aspects of this CD mixed perfectly with the snapping sound of latex and the sexual aromatics wafting through my nostrils. Over the years (especially one hedonistic summer in P-Town) this multi-layered house music mix, featuring tracks such as "Beat Me Harder" by Victor Calderone, "Mr. Meaner" and "Sky's The Limit" by The Mack Vibe, and the Morel Dub of "Love & Devotion" by Joi Cardwell, has helped me and various partners see the light of God while one's knees were penned up next to their ears. In my opinion this is Junior's greatest mix ever and a recorded testament to his brilliance as a DJ.

Global Underground: Athens mixed by Danny Tenaglia
The legendary Tenaglia went deep and dark on this double-CD progressive house mix that's the 10th installment of the popular Global Underground series. I find CD1, with its slow, sexy, and moody groove, more to my liking when it comes to love-making and it aptly includes the classic "Moody" by BPT. Athens has touches of tribal and electro house and features "Feel This" by Robbie Rivera, "Music Is The Answer" by Tenaglia and Celeda, and "Feel Free" by Yves Deruyter.

Global Groove: The Tour mixed by DeMarko!
Sometimes you just need driving beats to match the bang of the headboard against the wall and this hard-charging mix is just what the doctor, a proctologist most likely, ordered. Part of Centaur's Global Groove series, this mix starts off somewhat airy and trancey (with tracks by Offer Nissim and Narcotic Thrust) but gets down to pulsating tribal rhythms and big room sound for a rousing second half. And if for some reason the music isn't doing it for you, the vision of the way hot DeMarko! most definitely will put you over the edge. Woof!

Underground Sound of Lisbon mixed by DJ Vibe
The sexy progressive house sound emanating in recent years from the Iberian Peninsula is perfectly captured on this Star 69 Records release. I've dubbed this 2-CD set "Round 2 Music." After a long night of heavy sex play, this DJ Vibe effort is an appropriate accompaniment to that early morning assignation, when the sun is just about to rise and shine the light on your hedonistic exploits.