Groove Line

Wed. November 1, 2006 12:00 AM
by DJ Plez

Open Sesame: Andersonville
Lots of interesting things happening up in the Andersonville neighborhood to take note of. Hamburger Mary’s (5400 N. Clark) has been a real success since debuting this past summer and now they’ve opened up Mary’s Attic. An attractive full service bar in the upstairs space above the restaurant, the Attic is sure to be a popular place for drinks and music at night and to watch college football on Saturday afternoons.

Another recent opening in the neighborhood is the second outpost of Borderline Music store (5111 N. Clark). Greg Scollan, who used to help manage the Broadway location, is the guiding force behind the new store and he says he’ll keep some familiar Borderline offerings – plenty of Madonna, Kylie, Cher, and dance music compilation CDs - while also catering to the unique musical whims of the neighborhood. With the holidays just around the corner, both Borderlines are great places to shop for the perfect gift of music.

Name That Tune
I guess since I’m a DJ and write this column, I’m often asked about the names of songs heard on television shows or in certain television commercials. The two most often asked about?
“Remind Me” by Royksopp (Wall of Sound Recordings) is the song in the Geico Insurance commercial with the Caveman on a moving sidewalk in the airport. “Galvanize” by Chemical Brothers (Astralwerks) is the track being played in the Budweiser Select ad with the Bud crown logo being formed when an artist throws paint on a canvas and the woman leaves lipstick on a napkin.

Digging For Gold
Speaking of music in commercials, Goldfrapp has seen two of their songs, “Ooh La La” and “Strict Machine,” all over the airwaves helping to promote cell phones and TV shows. You can get more of Goldfrapp in a new CD called We Are Glitter (Mute), a collection of the best remixes of tracks from the duo’s critically acclaimed Supernature album. In addition to the aforementioned singles, tracks such as “Number 1” and “Satin Chic” are remixed by the likes of Benny Benassi, Francois K, Carl Craig, and Ewan Pearson.

DJ Escape has been a Boystown favorite for many years and now his Chicago fans will be able to enjoy his music-making magic with his new continuously mixed CD, Total Escape (Act 2 Records). Celebrating his new found freedom from a difficult business situation, Total Escape has energy for days and features Escape’s unreleased mixes of Kim English’s “C’est La Vie”, Janice Robinson’s “The Gift”, and Lauren Hildenbrandt’s “Dance With You.” For more info about Escape check out his web site:

Lately I’ve been GROOVIN’ on...

...“Lost” by Roger Sanchez (Stealth Records). This is a beautiful dance track featuring Lisa Pure and Katherine Ellis on vocals that has been storming up the dance charts since it’s mid-summer release. While the original version and the first set of remixes from the likes of Tom Novy, Dean Coleman, Tom de Neef can be found on iTunes, some interesting new mixes, my favorite being the The Cube Guys Remix, are available at and

...“Stay Around (For This)” by Milk & Sugar (Milk n Sugar Records). The original version has been a huge summer anthem rocking every outdoor terrace venue around the globe. But now there are some brand new remixes that will fortunately extend the life of this song well into the chilling months ahead. The best of the bunch in my opinion is the electro-grooved Plastic Funk Dtown Remix. iTunes doesn’t have it yet, but you can check it out at