Groove Line

Wed. April 5, 2006 12:00 AM
by DJ Plez

Shuffle & Dance --
For all you iPodders and iTuners who love dance music, the RCA Music Group recently announced a new dance music series presenting both reissues of out-of-print classics and previously unreleased remixes of contemporary hits from artists on RCA, Arista and J Records. The artists range from such current stars as Kelly Clarkson and Heather Headley to 1970s and 1980s hit makers like Machine and Odyssey. The first offerings – including the classics “I’ll Be Your Friend” by Robert Owens, “Where Love Lives” by Alison Limerick, and “Here We Go Again” by Aretha Franklin - are available exclusively through iTunes until late April. The series will then be made available through additional subscription services such as RealNetworks’ Rhapsody and Sony Connect. This is just the news that many of you have been waiting for. Enjoy!

Orbit-ing – Part 1
William Orbit (he helped produce Madonna’s Ray of Light album and U2’s Electrical Storm) is a unique and significant presence within the electronica/dance music industry, a true pioneer and visionary of the chill-out, ambient, and downtempo sub-genres. His latest CD is called Hello Waveforms (Sanctuary Records) and it has 9 instrumental tracks and 2 vocal songs featuring Sugababes, Kenna, and Laurie Mayer. It’s beautiful electronic music that is soothing and yet at the same time strangely but pleasantly, exciting. Most importantly, it is never boring. This is a must have for true fans of electronica.

Missed Opportunity?
On a recent trip to a coffee shop, I ran into a friend of mine and in response to my simple “hi there” he began to bitterly and vociferously complain about the recently released official Chicago Gay Games CD produced by Centaur Records. This person wondered why a Boston DJ – Joe Bermudez - was used to mix the CD instead of one of the many talented Chicago DJs. This person, who by the way is not a DJ, droned on and on about how the Games should “serve as a showcase of all the wonderful things in and about Chicago” and that not having a local DJ mix the official CD was “a travesty” and a “tragically missed opportunity” and that complaints should “rain down on both the Organizing Committee and Centaur.” Jeez, all I wanted was a hot cocoa with a little bit of whip cream and some chocolate sprinkles.

I figuratively pulled him in from off the ledge by telling him how appreciative the collective of Chicago DJs was for his ardent support, but that he should still purchase the CD since it really is quite good (definitely a worthy addition to one’s dance compilation collection) and because it benefits the Games. I also informed him that there is a second official Chicago Gay Games CD yet to be produced and that maybe - hopefully – a Chicago DJ will be used. He calmed down and went on his merry way with a large mocha latte, but when I got home there was an irate message on my voice mail. Apparently my friend had just found out that Los Angeles-based Atlantis Events was in charge of the Games’ Opening and Closing Parties and to the best of his knowledge they had “NEVER!” used a Chicago DJ for any of their cruises or vacations. I think maybe my friend needs to switch to decaf.

Tidbits!Congrats to Circuit Nightclub, 3641 N Halsted, on celebrating it’s ninth birthday. It’s been a wild ride for this Halsted Street danceteria over the years, but the future surely looks bright for Mike, Patrick, and the rest of the Circuit family.

Defected Records is soon to release new remixes of 2005’s chart-topping house track “Most Precious Love” by Blaze featuring Barbara Tucker. Re-rubs from the likes of the Freemasons, Ian Carey, Chocolate Puma, and Sergio Flores will undoubtedly extend the “essential-ness” of this song well into 2006.

I heard DJ Joe Gauthreaux spin recently and he was just clicking on all cylinders. Not just a pretty face in the booth, he’s a DJ with true talent. Be sure to check him out the next time he’s in town.

Orbit-ing - Part 2There will be a CD giveaway of William Orbit’s Hello Waveform during Pride Night at Cesar’s on Broadway, 2924 N Broadway, on Thursday, April 6th. The night begins at 7 pm and features yours truly playing music to eat and drink by. It’s a fun night and I hope you’ll come on out and join us.