Groove Line

Wed. August 3, 2005 12:00 AM
by DJ Plez

"She Is Fierce!"
Well, those were the first words out of my mouth when I took hold of my newest possession: The RuPaul Doll. Yes, the first tranny fashion doll was recently unveiled by Integrity Toys, Inc. and it comes in three different models, each reflective of a look that defines a major stage in RuPaul's career. Coinciding with Ru's re-emergence on the dance music scene with her latest album, featuring the hit single "Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous," the doll will be available at specialty and collectible retailers nationwide. As for the rumor that The RuPaul Doll was seen in a compromising position between the Billy and Carlos dolls? That has neither been confirmed nor rejected.

Market Days Music
As we embark on another fun-filled Market Days weekend, the opportunities to dance and party will be plentiful. Circuit has big plans: Chix Mix on Friday and the monthly edition of PUSH (Boystown Ball) on Saturday night with DJ Matthew Harvat (Circuit Mom). Lydia Prim kicks off Hydrate's weekend on Friday while Ralphi Rosario pairs up with DJ Abel on Saturday night inside the club. Also on Saturday evening outside of Hydrate, the one and only Inaya Day will be on hand to sing some of her biggest hits for what is sure to be a very appreciative audience. Hydrate's various weeknight residents spin outside while the sun is shining throughout the weekend with Chris Eterno (pictured) finishing indoors on Sunday night, post-Rosabel.

Further south on Halsted at the Buckingham intersection, KAFKA wine co. presents funky beats and groovy rhythms as John Murges (Milwaukee) joins me (DJ Plez) under the DJ tent on Saturday for our "PUMP!-ing Progressive Beats and Groove" presentation. Sunday's theme, "It's All About House Music – Mind Body & Soul" has Zach Stowers (NYC) opening at 12 noon, followed by me at 2 pm.

Finally, the big event of the weekend has Victor Calderone tearing things up at Crobar late on Sunday night. It's the king of tribal's first Chicago appearance in nearly 5 years.

With all that's going on during the weekend, be sure to schedule the following Monday as a day-off from work.

Groove Line Live
As most of you folks should already be aware of, is now presenting a radio show on Groove Line with DJ Plez will air each Sunday night at 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Each installment will be a 60-minute mix of music that I've programmed for your listening pleasure. As I do with my Groove Line column that you read, the Groove Line that you listen to on Fusion will consist of a wide variety of music taken from the broad range of styles that makes up the global dance music scene. While the debut show this past Sunday, July 31, consisted of high-energy tracks should be likely to hear on a Saturday night at you favorite dance club, the next installment may very well be more funky and loungey in nature. Rest assured that whatever I throw your way, the mix will be filled with plenty of groove. So remember to log on to the internet on Sunday nights and be sure to check out Groove Line on FusionChicagoRadio at 9:00 pm.

"In the beginning ......"
A very interesting documentary film has recently been released detailing the very early days of club life and the music that ultimately gave birth to the Dance Music Culture, which during the past 30 years includes the disco era, the house music scene, and the present day global DJ culture. The 2-disc DVD set is called Maestro and includes compelling insights into the lives of the people who inhabited the early years as the scene developed, including Larry Levan, Derrick May, Tony Humphries, Danny Tenaglia, and Little Louie Vega. The doumentary's focus on Chicago includes a look at the stories of Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy, both who are considered to be the founders of House Music. Accompanying the DVD is a 12-track compilation CD consisting mostly of classics that filled the dance floors at the Paradise Garage and the Warehouse back in the day. All in all, this DVD documentary and the soundtrack CD are a must for any true dance music aficionado.

Those of you who like progressive house music are hopefully paying close attention to Saw Recordings, a label out of NYC. Top quality efforts have been flowing from them of late and rival (in my opinion) what's coming across from the UK's Bedrock, Global Underground, and Renaissance labels. DJs should be figuring out ways to incorporate stellar songs such as "You and Me" by Chab (Saw041) and "Piano Track" by Bush II Bush (Saw040). And if you are looking for continuous mixed compilations, head label honcho Satoshi Tomiie has two recent releases that are sure to please: the 14-track ES that came out in May and the 12-track ES-B that is out this month.

The Singles Life
"Forgive" – Reina (Robbins)
This single from the This Is Reina cd comes in maxi-single form with six versions. I thought the Valentin Club Mix to be the best – a perfect track for a t-dance with enough interesting elements and a deep bottom sound to keep it from being a complete fluff piece. Dezrok turns in an understated prog-ish sounding club mix that showcases the vocal performance while the big room Giuseppe's Unforgiving Mix hits with a bit more of an electro feel to it.

"Save The Last Dance For Me" – Michael Bublé (143 Records/Reprise Records)
This ultra-smooth voiced crooner has crossed over into the dance world once before with the theme from the movie Spiderman 2 and is back at it with this cut off his new album It's Time. Chicago's Ralphi Rosario, red-hot after his chart-topping remix of the Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha," delivers two mixes (a housey vocal and a moody dub) while Eddie Baez, another remixer who has been tearing things up recently, pitches in with a big room tribal anthem version.

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