Event, gala and nightlife photos in Chicago. Capturing the faces, places, feelings & meanings of LGBT Chicago.

March 2004 albums

Out & About
03.27.2004   |   39 Photos
... at Madrigal's, Buddies', Roscoe's, Charlie's, Crobar, Spin, Cell Block, Hydrate, Gentry on State, The Closet & Scot's.
Photos by Dave Ouano

Sound-Bar Preview Party
03.25.2004   |   24 Photos
Chicago's new mega-club has arrived and ChicagoPride.com was on-hand for the Preview Party. CP hears the club plans a "gay-themed" night (possibly on Sunday nights). Read our review of Sound Bar.
Photos by Robert Perez

Out at Maneuvers
03.19.2004   |   25 Photos
Photos by Ryan

Out & About
03.06.2004   |   35 Photos
... at Roscoe's, Sidetrack, Cocktail, Hydrate, Spin, Berlin, Big Chicks, Jackhammer, Bucks Saloon. Bobby Love's, Charlie's, & The Closet.
Photos by Dave Ouano

Chicago Games Inc. Victory Party
03.02.2004   |   23 Photos
It's the announcement that hundreds of boosters from Chicago's gay and lesbian sports, culture and business communities have waited to hear... Chicago was selected as the host of the 2006 Gay Games and it was time to celebrate the victory at Gentry on State.

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