Event, gala and nightlife photos in Chicago. Capturing the faces, places, feelings & meanings of LGBT Chicago.

December 2004 albums

QE2 Member Photos
12.31.2004   |   29 Photos
ChicagoPride.com members share their QE2 photos. QE2 a decadent & luxurious New Year's Eve sponsored in-part by ChicagoPride.

New Year's Eve at QE2 (2)
12.31.2004   |   60 Photos
QE2 the all-inclusive Gay New Year’s Eve party at the Sofitel, hosted by Michelle Leigh and David Viggiano of Fox News with a Midnight performance by Circuit Mom.
Photos by Alex Roberts

New Year's Eve at QE2 (1)
12.31.2004   |   52 Photos
All Terrain Productions presented QE2, the long awaited sequel to Queer Eyes Wide Shut, last year's - first of its kind - New Year's Eve celebration for our community.
Photos by Alex Roberts

2004 Hotties
12.27.2004   |   50 Photos
Photographer Dave Ouano, Chicago Free Press, captured the year in photos. Dave's 50 hot selections.
Photos by Dave Ouano

Miracle On 131st Street
12.18.2004   |   46 Photos
"Miracle On 131st Street" featuring The Absolute Divas and special guest Sassy Trade.
Photos by Ryan Kolodziej

Champagne Wrapture
12.16.2004   |   49 Photos
This incredible fundraiser is a holiday tradition for Chicago House. This year the event raised over $23,000!
Photos by Male Image Photography

QE2 Cocktail Party
12.15.2004   |   60 Photos
It’s official! The QE2 signature drink was named at the QE2 Cocktail Party. Celebrity judges included Susanna Homan, David Viggiano, Catherine Lanagin and Art Smith. Visit http://qe2.chicagopride.com for more information on QE2-NYE.

Holidays with a Twist
12.11.2004   |   45 Photos
Photos from The Angelique Munro Show "Holidays With A Twist" featuring Angelique Munro, Fuchsia Le Mae Molgrove, Monique Moyet, Delores Van Cartier, Shana Roberts and Ashley Morgan.
Photos by Ryan Kolodziej

Out and About
12.10.2004   |   55 Photos
... at Crobar, Sidetrack, Roscoe's, Hydrate, Closet, Big Chicks, Cocktail, @mosphere, Crew & The Eagle.
Photos by Dave Ouano

EarRotic at Spin
12.04.2004   |   27 Photos
Hip Hop & Reggae Party w/DJ Stoney, DJ Journey and other guest DJs hosted by Zeret Music / N The Closet ENT.
Photos by Alex Roberts

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