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April 2019 albums

Out & About at Phoenix Bar and Nightclub
04.26.2019   |   42 Photos
Dancing thru the Decades at Phoenix Bar and Nightclub in Elk Grove Village.
Photos by Ken Brown

Hamilton: The Exhibition Premieres in Chicago
04.26.2019   |   53 Photos
The Hamiliton Exhibition opens in Chicago on April 27. 2019. Take a sneak peak as we walk you through a photo tour, as well as highlight visuals from the premiere and ribbon cutting ceremony. With a dynamic and interactive mix of lighting, sound, multimedia, music and historical artifacts, you will experience how it felt to write the way Hamilton wrote, fight the way Hamilton fought, and live the way Hamilton lived. Hamilton: The Exhibition takes visitors deeper into the life and times of Alexander Hamilton, while at the same time chronicling the American Revolution and the creation of the United States of America. From the post in St. Croix where teenager Alexander became an indispensable trader, to the hilltop in Weehawken, NJ where Burr fatally shot Hamilton in their infamous duel, Hamilton: The Exhibition seeks to elucidate the powerful experience of building our country and shaping our Democracy.
Photos by Matt Inawat

Decorate-A-Bonnet Party
04.20.2019   |   13 Photos
The Windy City Cycling Club held its annual Decorate-A-Bonnet Party on Saturday, April 20, at Sidetrack in Boystown.
Photos by Sidetrack

Sidetrack Musical Monday
04.08.2019   |   22 Photos
Sidetrack Musical Monday with a Ben Platt CD party and giveaway.
Photos by Christopher Stryker

Lori Lightfoot's Historic Win
04.02.2019   |   19 Photos
Chicago's voters overwhelmingly elected Lori Lightfoot to lead the Windy City. Nearly three-quarters of the city selected Lightfoot, and it appeared Lightfoot won every Chicago ward. She will serve as not only the first black woman but also the first LGBTQ person to hold the title of Chicago mayor. "We're seeing a city being reborn. A city where it doesn't matter what color you are, and it certainly doesn't matter how tall you are," Lightfoot told her supporters packed into a crowded Chicago Hilton ballroom. "Where it doesn't matter who you love, just as long as you love with all your heart!"
Photos by Rick Majewski

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