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August 2005 albums

Wicked Wednesday
08.31.2005   |   37 Photos
VOX Vodka and Broadway in Chicago host Wicked Wednesday, a chance to win tickets to Wicked. The evening was a Windy City Media Group production hosted by Amy Matheny and Angelique Munro.
Photos by Ryan Kolodziej

Members of The Lion King Performance
08.22.2005   |   80 Photos
Members of the cast of The Lion King gathered to raise funds for charity. The evening was hosted by popular stand-up comedian Jessica Halem.
Photos by G. Thomas Ward

The Edge's Sizzling Saturday
08.20.2005   |   56 Photos
The Edge Blue Island presents Sizzling Saturday.
Photos by OutBurbs.com

The Flesh Hungry Dog Show
08.19.2005   |   71 Photos
The Flesh Hungry Dog Show at Jackhammer featuring The Countdown, The Ladies and Gentlemen, and The Undeniable. Queer and Alternative Rock Show hosted by Gary Airedale.
Photos by G. Thomas Ward

Out and About
08.15.2005   |   49 Photos
... at Hydrate, Roscoe's, Charlie's, Sidetrack, @mosphere, Spin, Madrigal's & Circuit.
Photos by Dave Ouano

Chicago Dragons Game
08.13.2005   |   23 Photos
The Chicago Dragons vs. the Minneapolis Mayhem.
Photos by Ryan Kolodziej

Vic Calderone at Crobar
08.07.2005   |   20 Photos
Jessika Sterling hangs with Vic at Crobar on Market Days. Read Jessika's exclusive interview with Vic Calderone on ChicagoPride.com.
Photos by Jessika Sterling

Market Days 2005 (Gallery III)
08.07.2005   |   28 Photos
More photos from Market Days.
Photos by Mateo

Market Days 2005 (Gallery II)
08.07.2005   |   55 Photos
More photos from Market Days
Photos by ChicagoPride.com

Market Days with Jessika
08.06.2005   |   27 Photos
Jessika Sterling makes the rounds on Market Days!
Photos by Jessika Sterling

Market Days
08.06.2005   |   27 Photos
More photos to add to the market days 2005 gallery. See the photos channel for many many more photos!
Photos by Brian McKerrall

Out and About at Market Days
08.06.2005   |   100 Photos
Photographer Dave Ouano was Out & About at Market Days. Photos include Hydrate's Market Days weekend, Circuit, Crobar and more!
Photos by Dave Ouano

Jessika on the Market
08.06.2005   |   19 Photos
Jessika Sterling braves the heat to spend her Saturday evening at Market Days.

Market Days 2005 (Gallery I)
08.06.2005   |   73 Photos
Photos from Market Days central! Photos posted live in real-time!
Photos by Alex Roberts

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