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January 2005 albums

Spirit Brigade Fundraiser
01.29.2005   |   41 Photos
The Chicago Spirit Brigade(the gay cheerleading squad) held their wild and crazy cheer themed drag show and fundraiser at Hydrate.
Photos by Alex Roberts

Tsunami Relief Concert at Cell Block
01.28.2005   |   29 Photos
Jinx Titanic in conjunction with The Rainbow World Fund and the Cell Block presented The Tsunami Relief Concert. Also performing were The Likity Split Radical Cheerleaders, Porn Star Brad McGuire, and other guests.
Photos by G. Thomas Ward

Out and About
01.22.2005   |   63 Photos
... at Hydrate, Roscoe's, Crobar, Sidetrack, Crew, Closet, Cell Block, Madrigal's, @mosphere, & Chester Street in Champaign.
Photos by Dave Ouano

Lupus Benefit at the Nutbush
01.22.2005   |   49 Photos
Lupus Benefit featuring Angelique Munro, Sassy Trade, Fuchsia La Me’ Molgrove, Michael Molgrove, Len, Monique Moyet and Shana Roberts.
Photos by Ryan Kolodziej

Frankie's 50th Birthday
01.16.2005   |   44 Photos
Sound-Bar hosted a birthday celebration for Frankie Knuckles, featuring Grammy Award Winners Frankie Knuckles and David Morales with special guest performances by Lea-Lorien and Nicki Richards. Presented by D/E EntertainmenT and TabernacleChicago in association with Windy City Media Group.
Photos by Alex Roberts

Cocktail Spank go-go
01.14.2005   |   28 Photos
Cocktail's Spank go-go boys. (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays)
Photos by Alex Roberts

Out and About
01.07.2005   |   51 Photos
... at Berlin, Hydrate, Roscoe's, Sidetrack, Crobar, Madrigal's and Crew!
Photos by Dave Ouano

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