Feature Column: Jessika & The Bumper Boyz


03/19/2006 - Jessika’s "Kink in the Armani"
Divas, Designers, and Debauchery! Jessika gets acclamated to Vegas

12/30/2005 - Jessika on the Strip
Jessika on the strip.. hurricanes, champagne and showgirls!

10/13/2005 - Jessika's Labor of Love
A fond farewell to summer as Jessika launches into fall

10/01/2005 - Jessika interviews Victor Calderone
Tribal, dark, dance or just SEXY? Jessika interviews Victor Calderone

08/24/2005 - Jessika is on the Market... And She Ain't Cheap!
Jessika is on the Market (Days)... And She Ain't Cheap!

07/22/2005 - The Pride of Jessika and her 4th Big Bang

06/21/2005 - Jessika's Gay Days
Jessika's back with pictures from an all-access tour of Gay Days

04/27/2005 - Reserved for Jessika
The SoBe VIP Tour... Jessika and the Bumper Boyz invade Miami

04/12/2005 - Jessika Goes Old School
Jessika with a true diva, Miss Tilly... plus the Lakeview Lounge Tour

04/01/2005 - Jessika Goes Lesbian
Jessika shares some quality time with the girls

03/05/2005 - Jessika feels the heat
Our very own diva felt the heat of Fireball, now off with those heels

02/12/2005 - Jessika... and Bumper-Bowl 2005
Jessika takes on the Super Bowl at Crew where she meets her match!

01/19/2005 - Don we now our gay apparel
The holiday adventures of Jessika... and a look ahead to Fireball

12/31/2004 - Jessika the Breeder
Are you a girl or boy... are those real... is that your hair... Labels

12/05/2004 - Jessika’s Bush…Bibles….and BOO-mper Boyz!
Another night out with Jessika... and the photos to prove it.

10/24/2004 - Jessika and the Darkside
Bumper Boyz prepare for Jessika's Jedi-Drag Thesis

09/11/2004 - Jessika and Operation "Sandstorm"
It's Jessika and Operation "Sandstorm"