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Lady Bunny

Lady Bunny interview with ChicagoPride.com

Thu. December 15, 2005  by Justin Boltz

Lady Bunny
photo credit // ladybunny.net
Spraying milk from her fake breasts, Pulling random phallic symbols from her undergarments on stage; One would assume that the prefix “lady” before Miss Bunny’s name was a practical joke of some sort or used as tool for irony. Who could turn away though, what, with her legs for miles and hair to the ceiling this maniacal queen has something that’s caught on. Lady Bunny brings her x-rated shenanigans to Chicago's Circuit Nightclub, 3641 N. Halsted, Dec. 24th to promote the release of her first ever DVD.

JB: You're known for your eyebrow raising, gut busting acts, what can we expect for your DVD release performance at Circuit?

Bunny: Well, my usual raunchy comedy will be in effect, but of course I'll throw in a Christmas medley as well. By Christmas Eve, everyone is so sick of those same f*cking Xmas songs that I think people will enjoy seeing them perverted by a foul-mouthed drag queen! And I'll be performing an after-hours set in the men's room-stall #3. I plan to put the "ill" back in Illinois and if I lose a few pounds, maybe even the "chic" back in Chicago!

JB: X-rated X-mas falls on the eve of baby Jesus' birth, trying to upstage someone are we? hehe

Bunny: Honey, Miss Jesus has been working that same act for centuries--so she's pretty easy to upstage. I've only been working my act for decades!

JB: Miss Foozie, Chicago's own little gem is hosting the gig, are you a fan?

Bunny: We've never met, but from what I understand, she's a slut, whore, c*nt, bitch, thief and drug addict. So we have a lot in common!

JB: Why Chicago or Circut as stop for your DVD promotion?

Bunny: Because they're paying me! Actually, Chicago is one of my favorite places to play. I've been working that strip since Foxy's, done Wigstock West there a few years ago and 2 street festivals this summer alone.

JB: Have you been a good or bad bunny this year?

Bunny: Well, I wasn't too good at Hustlaball in Berlin. And there's a pic of Jeff Stryker's horse-c*ck dangling in my face on my blog on www.ladybunny.net if you want proof.

JB: When the 20 pound wig comes off does the "say anything, crazed bitch" persona come off as well?

Bunny: Well it's off now, you f*cking asshole! What the f*ck do you think?

Ah, a true class act. Snag a copy of Bunny’s DVD appropriately titled Rated-X at her performance at Circuit (Event Details) or on the diva’s site ladybunny.net.

Interviewed by Justin Boltz