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Mette Lingberg

Mette Lingberg: Touring the states will be the first time with the new songs so it is very special to us.

Wed. January 25, 2012  by Jerry Nunn

Touring the states will be the first time with the new songs so it is very special to us.
Mette Lingberg

mette lindberg (center) of the asteroids galaxy tour

photo credit // sigurd grunberger

Vocalist Mette Lindberg of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, playing Chicago on Feb. 7

The soulful psychedelic pop Danish band known The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is made up of Mette Lindberg on vocals and producer Lars Iversen. They are bringing their six-piece horn act from Copenhagen to Chicago in a show that's not to be missed.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's music has been featured on the U.S. television shows Gossip Girl and CSI Miami and used in advertising for Heineken and Mad Men.

Check out their colorful video for "The Golden Age" and see why we are seeing rainbows everywhere these days!

Here, we talk with Mette Lingberg.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hi, Mette. How is France?

ML: (Mette Lindberg) It is rainy but very nice. Where are you?

JN: In Chicago and I am so excited you are coming here!

ML: Yay, we are too. We were just there and it was great weather so we are looking forward to coming back.

JN: I heard your saxophonist got sick the last time you all were here.

ML: Yes, it was a dramatic evening.

JN: Does this six-piece music section always travel with you?

ML: They do. When we play live we are six people onstage. We have a horn section. Everyone is swapping instruments. We have bongos, synthesizers, and even a flute. You know it is going to be a big mess…

JN: What is a live show like for the band? It has to be high energy and running around.

ML: You just said it! We are so excited about all of the new songs and new album, all of this new stuff to play around with. Touring the states will be the first time with the new songs so it is very special to us.

JN: It is a very eclectic album to listen to.

ML: You like it?

JN: Of course, is there a favorite song you like right now?

ML: All of the songs are my favorites as we create them. One day one is my favorite then the next day something else. But I really like the last song "When It Comes To Us" because it continues forever and fades out the way it does. I think it is really nice.

JN: Do you write a lot of the lyrics?

ML: It is me and Lars who are the main core. Lars is the main songwriter but if he has a foundation of something then we work all of it from the melody to going back and forth on things. It is a big mix of writing it.

JN: Where is the name of the band from?

ML: That is a good question. We have a lot of different people when we tour. We have one person on one thing depending on where we are. One our trumpet players Miloud, who has been with us since the beginning, has a brilliant mind and some quick, crazy thinking. He created that name because he wanted to have an acid jazz band called that. When we started the band we felt like we didn't want it to sound like a band name. It sounds like a journey or a vibe or energy. So we stole it and then he joined the band! (laughs)

JN: I wanted to ask you about the videos such as "The Golden Age." It is very creative.

ML: We made it three years ago. We did everything on green screen. It was one guy doing everything. It is about "The Golden Age" so about Frank Sinatra and hanging with the Rats. There are a lot of great golden ages and you give it all that you've got then let go. We liked the idea of putting in stuff that was in the song in the video. We put gold and colors and things going on. He worked day and night for two months to make it and out came the video on a golden horse!

JN: You have the best hair ever!

ML: Thank you. What is your hair like? It is long like mine? You want a tip?

JN: I just Twittered you guys so you can see me there on Twitter. Will you have those cute little bangs for the show in Chicago?

ML: No. I have lot of different hair. I like the bangs and playing with it. Have you seen the newest video for "Heart Attack?"

JN: I have not.

ML: Well then go check it out because that is how my hair is at the moment. It is really long with a lot of curls and volume. My bangs have grown long. I am going to cut it in a couple of days and you never know how it will end up. Right now I get to be big and beachy. Not bitchy but beachy, totally relaxed but really angry…

JN: I have heard your songs out at the gay clubs. I will bring some gay fans to the show.

ML: Do it. Our light engineer who is not joining us for the tour is gay.

JN: Oh, I am going to miss him.

ML: Yeah, but you will have a great gay light show.

JN: Galaxy opened for Amy Winehouse a long time ago. How was that?

ML: It was exciting and terrifying because it was our first show ever. We had only six songs in the making. We didn't rehearse anything and we came together as a band when we were offered the opening slot. We just went for it. One, two, three, four, yo, and it was over.

JN: She had a unique way of singing and so do you. Where does your style come from?

ML: I really like when everything is possible. You know when singers like Bob Dylan are just talking but singing, David Bowie as well. I like when there is a personal touch on the voice. I like Billy Holiday a lot and Karen Dalton. I like to sing a lot of different ways. I like to play around with the voice. It's as if you play guitar and there are a lot of pedals and good amps. It is a very unique instrument. Sometimes if it is too polite or too polished that sometimes pisses me off because there are so many things to play around with. I like it when it is daring.

JN: Are you going to be doing any cover songs? I know you have some like "Safety Dance."

ML: I don't think so. We like doing covers. Most of the time it happens when you play on radio stations or TV shows they ask us to do a cover of something. I like the old idea of a jazz tradition of keeping a song going because you create a new version of a great song. You are keeping them alive. These days songs are a hit and then it disappears. I like the idea of keeping a fire of songs by making new versions. It is kind of romantic I think. I like to dare to do something different and it is not a total copy of the original.

JN: Are all of the band members from Copenhagen?

ML: Yes.

JN: How did the band come together in the first place?

ML: Most of them are old friends and some people played before or we just thought they were cool. We looked for people with their own personality. We play as a live band a lot of instruments and it is very important to us to have a good time. We want people to feel like themselves not put into a box. We like to dress up and make a show, come across as individuals in the band. So instead of hiring in seven dancers, we hired a big band!

JN: People can keep up with the tour on the website correct?

ML: Exactly. We have our new website coming out. Twitter, Facebook, and the website go hand in hand. You can see pictures and updates. I do a lot of video blogs on our YouTube channel while we are on the road. From the past three or fours years you can watch a lot of videos. You get a peephole into our world.

JN: Where did you learn English?

ML: I watched a lot of sitcoms!

JN: What is your favorite one?

ML: I must say when I was a teenager I watched a lot of Full House!

JN: Hilarious! I will see you at the show in Chicago.

ML: Please come up and say we talked when I was in Paris.

JN: I will and don't work so hard.

ML: You too, don't stress, only love.

Galaxy's new album Out of Frequency is out on Jan 31. To see the Tour hit Lincoln Hall in Chicago on Feb 7 visit www.theasteroidsgalaxytour.com for ticket details.

Interviewed by Jerry Nunn. Jerry Nunn is a contributing writer to the GoPride Network. His work is also featured in Windy City Times, Nightspots Magazine and syndicated nationally.