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Sumner and Koaty Blayne

House of Heat sizzles this summer

Tue. June 11, 2024  by Jerry Nunn

We are big Swifties!
Sumner and Koaty Blayne

sumner and koaty blayne

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Sumner and Koaty Blayne hop into a House of Heat

Sumner and Koaty Blayne are two of the cast members from a new reality show on Tubi called House of Heat. This likable couple, who live in West Hollywood, have left their home behind to join other hot House collaborators to have their lives filmed for the masses.

Sumner and Koaty have been together for five years and a marriage ceremony is in the works! They have grown their fanbase through social media and OnlyFans, but are ready to learn new tricks from their roommates. Watch the process each week on Tubi as they interact with others and create new content.

The dynamic duo sat down for lunch at Lumiere in Los Angeles recently to spill the tea and give a behind-the-scenes take on the House of Heat.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Where are you both from originally?

KB: (Koaty Blayne) I am from Central Pennsylvania. I went to Penn State for college and I lived in Philadelphia until I met him at New York Pride in 2019. I moved to LA after that.

SB: (Sumner Blayne) I was born and raised in Southern California in the Long Beach area. I moved to West Hollywood in 2017.

JN: How did you find each other at Pride in New York?

KB: I met him and his boyfriend in New York when they were looking for a third. That relationship ended up not working out and we started talking, then it spiraled from there…

SB: It went from a one-night stand with my ex and him, then we just hit it off. We made plans to meet up in a few weeks, but my relationship was fizzling and we picked up really quickly.

JN: I just interviewed two cast members for the Peacock show Couple to Throuple, but you two are an example of throuple to couple!

KB: When we announced the series at first people thought we were on the Couple to Throuple show.

JN: How was the casting process for House of Heat?

KB: I ran into a friend who works on a lot of reality shows. He knew we were an OnlyFans couple and we were content creators. He referred us to the casting director and we auditioned. We didn’t hear about it again until months later and didn’t think we were cast. Two weeks later we moved into the house!

JN: You had to drop everything?

SB: Yes, we had to clear our schedule. We had the first interview in October of last year and then didn’t hear anything until January. All of a sudden there were emails about finishing a background check and being cast.

KB: It was during Aspen Gay Ski Week when we found out.

JN: I heard it’s the Market Days of Aspen. Have you been to Chicago for Market Days before?

KB: Yes, we have. Market Days was our first weekend together when we started dating and were both single. It was a weekend of infatuation and we didn’t notice anyone else there. The chemistry was so intense.

SB: We were officially dating at Market Days and I asked him to be my boyfriend on October 3 and he moved in on November 1.

JN: That’s fast.

SB: Thank god it worked out! [laughs] Now he has a ring and we were engaged in August of 2022 in Paris.

JN: Good job, that’s a beautiful ring.

SB: They show a brief clip of our engagement on an episode for a couple of seconds. The Eiffel Tower is in the background and a violinist is playing.

KB: It worked and now we just have to plan the wedding.

JN: Do you have a timeline planned?

KB: I want to be married on October 3 because it is our anniversary date. That’s a Saturday in 2026, but the date might change with everything that is going on.

SB: It will be seven years at that point. I always wanted a long engagement because we are creating memories with our family and friends while making it happen. It will be years of bonding and memories for everyone to share. It has been fun being a fiancee.

KB: We have made some great friends on the show, so I want that to grow and incorporate it into our wedding somehow. We want a little time to go by before we finish the invitation list.

JN: Have you watched any episodes yet?

SB: We saw the first two episodes.

KB: We have watched it about six times!

JN: Has your family seen it?

KB: My mom watched it before we did. She supports me no questions asked. She trusts my judgment and decisions. She can be a Momma Bear sometimes though. He grew up Mormon and his family still embraces what we do.

SB: My immediate family, my dad, my stepmom and my siblings are all non-conforming. They know we are on a show, but it might not be for them. I don’t think it will be my aunt and uncle's cup of tea, but my sister has watched it.

Our friends who have watched the show have been supportive and want to see more.

JN: What would you like people to take away after watching House of Heat?

SB: I hope they have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the complexities of what it takes to be in this industry. The show gives a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes challenges and triumphs we have as content creators. It shows there’s genuine love and connection that drives us.

We also make mistakes and audiences will see that. We loved the process and the people. When we tell people we are adult content creators they ask us what our “real job” is and that hits hard. This is our real job.

KB: I was the only one in the house that had a 9 to 5 job. From my experience, the content creation is way more stressful than an engineering job.

JN: I have seen influencers work really hard a times so there is a common misconception that it is an easy gig.

KB: They make their own schedule but every second that they are not working there is someone else taking money that you could be making. That was our goal to show how hard we work. Our pages are completely different than the girls with us being gay. You saw how we learn in the process in episode one.

The girls would have three pages and would sell videos. In the gay world that’s not a sustainable system for us. We have subscriptions and will post videos.

SB: We wanted to learn from everybody on the show and grow our business by reaching a wider audience. We hadn’t been on TV before so we wanted to be more visible and have more content while fostering our brand.

This is not a stepping stone for us. It is something we want to do. It’s our livelihood and our career.

JN: It must be a lot of fun also…

KB: Yes, we get to work together.

JN: How do you manage the stigma surrounding OnlyFans?

SB: We really want to fight the stigma that follows adult content creators. We want to demystify everything for everyone and break down those misconceptions.

JN: What were your thoughts on the other cast members?

KB: The girls are all insanely gorgeous. We did have friendships with them all in different ways. We felt protected by somebody like Steph Mi and learned much from her. We learned from Ava Louise but in completely different ways. Steph is more of a businesswoman and Ava is more creative.

SB: Going live was something we hadn’t done in a few years. We had given up on doing that. After talking with Steph we were inspired and she made us realize we were approaching it in the wrong way. Instead of posting a video we needed to build it up more before posting it.

We started in suits and then we had fun!

KB: We had the price at five dollars then raised we raised it to twenty.

JN: Is it easy to become obsessed with money and numbers in this business?

KB: I would say so earlier on when we started. Our numbers grew big during the quarantine when TikTok blew up in 2020. We used to constantly watch it, but after doing it for so long it becomes not a big deal.

The numbers are consistent now unless there is a big viral moment. There are some days that we unplug and then check it later.

SB: I check it a lot to monitor it. We are on so many platforms with OnlyFans, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. We don’t just do one. We do it all.

KB: Now we have Tubi!

JN: What are your future plans?

KB: To get married!

SB: We want to go to more Taylor Swift concerts!

KB: There’s a clip of us at The Eras Tour on the show. We decided to all book a trip to London and see her in August. We are big Swifties!

JN: What if she watches you on House of Heat one day?

KB: We would die!

SB: Hopefully she talks about it on her next album…

New episodes of House of Heat drop every Thursday on tubi.com. Watch the red-hot finale on August 1, 2024.


Interviewed by Jerry Nunn. Jerry Nunn is a contributing writer to the GoPride Network. His work is also featured in Windy City Times, Nightspots Magazine and syndicated nationally.