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DJ Brett Henrichsen

DJ Brett Henrichsen interview with ChicagoPride.com

Thu. April 13, 2006  by DJ Plez

DJ Brett Henrichsen
DJ Brett Henrichsen: Utah, Universe, & Underwear (or the lack thereof)

Los Angeles-based DJ Brett Henrichsen has long been a Boystown favorite and has spun at all of the leading dance clubs in Chicago.

He’s the mastermind behind the uber-successful Masterbeat record label and has been busy of late putting together his next mixed compilations CD, White Party Spring Break.

While already quite familiar and popular to many in Chicago, ChicagoPride.com decided to conduct a Quick Hits interview with Henrichsen in order to gain a bit more insight on this superstar DJ.

Plez: Where were you born?

BH: Salt Lake City, Utah

Plez: Are you the domineering oldest child, spoiled youngest, or the troubled eccentric Jan Brady-like middle child?

BH: All of the above. I’m an only child.

Plez: The Rolling Stones or The Who?

BH: Mick Jagger and the boys.

Plez: What was your favorite subject in high school?

BH: Debate

Plez: Aretha Franklin or Diana Ross?

BH: Aretha Franklin

Plez: Boxers, briefs, or commando?

BH: Commando

Plez: What college did you attend?

BH: I graduated high school a year early and then went to the University of Utah.

Plez: Your favorite color?

BH: Purple

Plez: Your CD player preference in the DJ booth?

BH: The Pioneer CDJ-1000s

Plez: Your mixer preference in the DJ booth?

BH: The Rane rotary knob mixer, the MP2016.

Plez: What was the first record you ever bought as a kid?

BH: A Men At Work album.

Plez: What was the most recent record – or download - that you bought?

BH: Probably that Men At Work album. I’m lucky in that I am a Billboard reporter and get most of my music sent to me for free.

Plez: From a consumer’s standpoint – not a DJ - name your favorite nightclub in all the world that’s not currently open for business or a party/event that’s no longer held?

BH: Club Universe in San Francisco

Plez: Sasha & Digweed or Paul van Dyk?


Plez: Other than Los Angeles and Chicago, what’s your favorite American city to visit?

BH: New York

Plez: What’s your favorite non-American city?

BH: Sydney, Australia.

Plez: What’s the most exotic place you’ve ever visited?

BH: Ibiza. I’m not sure if that’s exotic enough though.

Plez: Eddie Vedder & Pearl Jam; Kurt Cobain & Nirvana; or Chris Cornell & Soundgarden?

BH: I’m not that familiar with any of those guy or their bands.

Plez: What’s your favorite comfort food?

BH: Nachos

Plez: What was your favorite dance track of 2005?

BH: "First Time" by Offer Nissim

Plez: What’s the #1 song on your current Top 10?

BH: "Tilt Your Hat" by Andy J. He’s from Australia and this song is going to be huge.

Plez: Name the one U.S. President – dead or alive - you’d most like to sit down and have dinner with?

BH: Clinton

Plez: The nightclub or party with the best DJ booth you’ve ever played in?

BH: 1015 Folsom nightclub in San Francisco. It had a private bathroom in the DJ booth.

Plez: A pre-Bobby Brown Whitney Houston or a post-Glitter Mariah Carey?

BH: Whitney!

Plez: Your favorite reality TV show?

BH: I hate reality television and refuse to watch it. The only TV show I really tune into is Lost.

Plez: Single or spoken for?

BH: I’ve been in a bi-coastal relationship – with me in Los Angeles and my boyfriend in Fort Lauderdale - for 3 years now.

Editor’s Note:

Brett Henrichsen’s next appearance in Chicago will be on Saturday, April 22, 2006 at Hydrate Nightclub.

Interviewed by DJ Plez